5 Most Adventurous Sports in Leh Ladakh for Thrill Seekers

Leh Ladakh is an ideal destination for thrill-seekers as this land offers some ultimate options of adventure that can woo all the adrenaline junkies. Himalayan region is undoubtedly the best region for some brave sports, and in particular, the Leh Ladakh region has scenic trails, deep valleys, substantial lakes and high altitude ranges. There are many tourist attractions in the Leh Ladakh region, and all these can offer you tremendous joy. In this post, we are sharing the top 5 most adventurous sports in Leh Ladakh for thrill-seekers.


Biking in Ladakh:


For most youngsters, biking in Ladakh is not just an adventure but a dream they hold in their eyes. Some of the Bollywood movies multiply this desire of having a bike trip with your buddies on the curvy roads of Ladakh. It is also said that you are not eligible to call yourself a true bike rider if you have not done biking on the rugged terrains of Ladakh. You can even do Cycling if that satisfies you, but biking of any sort on the Ladakh roads can be a remarkable experience of your life. If you genuinely want to seek adventure, then riding at the height of about 18,000 feet is undoubtedly a superb experience.




If you want to test your grit, then mountaineering activities in Ladakh will not disappoint you. Particularly trekking in Ladakh is famous, and hard-core mountaineers from all over the world are involved in trekking this tough Himalayan region. This is the reason Trekking activity is included in almost all the Ladakh Tour Packages. Depending on the difficulty level and your capabilities, you can find a suitable trek and hike on it. One of the most challenging and fun-filled expeditions is of chadar trek, which lies over the frozen Zanskar River. When winter season is at its peak, and the Zanskar River is iced up, adrenaline junkies take up the challenge to go across the ice sheet based on the Zanskar River. There are various other preferred trek routes in Ladakh, including Lamayuru to Darcha, Lamayuru to Alchi, Padun to Darcha, Stok Kangri and the last but not least Markha Valley Trek.


Wild Water Rafting:


The rafting experience of Ladakh is like nowhere else. The trill is packed with the chilly gushing waves, amazing landscapes with mountains and the pure adventure of bobbing in the water. If you love rafting, then you must have already tried it like you may have crafted at Rishikesh, Kolad or Dandeli, yet the rafting in Ladakh is unquestionably unique. Many drives are suitable for rafting purposes, including the Indus River, the Zanskar River (which, for your information, is a tributary of Indus). You can try short 2-3 hours rafting Adventures and can also opt for 4-day long excursions. There are good choices for all the age groups as well. Some of the rafting sites allow you to set up a camp near the rafting site, or you can stay in a nearby hotel. The trainers are qualified, and they consider all the safety measures of water sports.


Camel Safari:


For a unique way to explore the pasteurised elegance of Ladakh land, Camel Safari is a fantastic option. Due to the occurrence of a double-humped camel in the region, the thrill it provides is multiplied. You might feel something different while sitting on the double-humped camel. You can enjoy the Camel Safari in Nubra Valley, as the terrain towards the valley is not suitable for vehicles, so you need to take the assistance of the camel. The Dixit and Hunder valley are also popularized for camel safari. The most convenient time for the camel safari in Ladakh is between June to September.


Ice Hockey:


As Ladakh is a cold place, the ice sheet is there on the terrain most of the time. Many flat landscapes are frozen and can be considered apt for ice hockey. Other winter sports like skating can also be enjoyed in the cold season. Ice hockey, sometimes called shinny or pond hockey, can be a good option as a thrill-seeking activity if you do it with proper care and in the presence of an instructor.


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