7 Quick & Easy Ways to Clean and Optimize Your Computer

Keeping your computer clean is important to maintain its performance and productivity in the long run. It’s not a one-time task, but you need to be consistent and must do it regularly to get the best from the device. In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks that will optimize your computer for faster performance and responsiveness.

#1. Update the Software 

While starting the process to clean the device, make sure to clean it up from the inside first. Updating the software will instill life inside the computer, making it work optimally. Install any application updates and security patches. 

When you are updating the software, accept updates available from the manufacturer that are meant to add any new features and enhancements. Installing software updates regularly streamlines the operating system, making it more proficient. 

Keep in mind that it is not just the computer itself that could show signs of worse performance or random crashes if it lacks updates. For example, if you are using a service like YouTube, the lack of updates might prevent you from using the platform, leading you to question why is youtube not working or lagging so much when you attempt to watch videos.

#2. Remove Startup Items

The login items, also known as the startup items, are the applications that run automatically in the background each time your computer boots. Disabling these programs makes your computer more resourceful and important apps responsive. 

To disable these items, navigate to System Preferences, click Users & Accounts, then click on the Login Items tab. Identify the unnecessary items that are running in the background and without any productive contribution to your computer and delete them right away.

#3. Clean Your Storage Disk

Cleaning the startup disk is considered the overall cleanup of the computer. It is essential, particularly when you are low on memory or storage and apps are running slower than ever. Regardless of whether or not you are using all the apps installed on your computer, they are consuming their share of system resources which slow down your computer and make it sluggish.

Disk cleaning is an important step that you need to do and repeat every few weeks to ensure optimal performance. When the apps are deleted, they release the resources and storage space that can be consumed by other important apps. 

#4. Declutter Downloads Folder

All the files and apps you download from the internet go directly to the Downloads folder on the computer. With time, this folder starts to explode as there are tons of old downloads and redundant files that need to be cleaned immediately.

Open the folder, identify old downloads and start deleting them one by one. Once deleted, go to the Trash folder or Recycle Bin on your computer and delete the items to remove them permanently from the device. You may need to navigate to the Control Panel (Windows) or Finder (macOS) to delete a few software applications. 

#5. Clear System & User Cache 

Another important task you need to do for intensive cleaning of your computer is removing the cache files stored on the computer drive. Although cache files are important to streamline your browsing and app experience when you are using them subsequently, it adds clutter to the system. 

Deleting system cache, app cache, and user cache will delete thousands of logs that are recorded inside your computer and slow down your computer. Therefore, it’s better to delete them right away regularly.

#6. Disable Resource-Heavy Apps

Several heavy load apps consume twice as much system resources as consumed by a normal app. These apps are responsible for slowing down the computer in the long run when you install more apps to work on them. 

Since these apps are resource-intensive, they take up a high share of system resources and slow down other programs. Some of these apps include graphic designing apps, coding apps, or gaming apps. You may delete these apps by navigating to the Task Manager in Windows and Finder in macOS. 

#7. Remove Dust From Inside & Outside

Now, this is something that may not affect your computer performance instantly, but it can be devastating in the long run. The dust build-up is a common problem as you might not be able to detect it any sooner unless you experience a rise in the temperature of your device. 

In this case, you will have to tweak the hardware by opening the rear panel of your computer. Take a soft brush or a damp cloth and try to remove all the dust gently from in and around the hardware components. Alternatively, you may use a can of compressed air to blow up all the dirt particles out of the computer. 

The Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips will help you to clean up your computer from inside and outside without using any tools or third-party apps. You must build and follow a consistent computer clean-up schedule to optimize your computer performance if you want to maximize its lifespan. 

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