A Comprehensive Buying Guide For Doonas and Quilts.

With several options available in the market, buying quilts, doonas, or duvets can be overwhelming. Buying a new doona involves understanding your needs and the features of the brands today. Finding commonality in both will help you zero down on that perfect quilt.

You will know about all the essential factors to consider before you spend your hard-earned money on the best quilt ever through this article! Read on.

Filling – Types of Doonas.

Mattresses and pillows are bedding products whose quality is mainly dependent on the filling inside. The same goes for doonas. So, based on the filling, here are the types of doonas available in the market:


If you want heavier doonas for achieving the best tucked-in feeling, feather doonas are your best bet. You can also benefit from their hypoallergenic qualities and avoid any allergy attacks during your bedtime.


One of the best and most common fillings in quilts is wool fabric. Wool works wonders to keep you warm and regulate the temperature.


Want the fluffiest doona ever? Invest in down doonas! They are incredibly light, and users would not feel crushed in sleep. Down doonas insulate the body’s heat and remove moisture to ensure beautiful sleep.


Silk doonas traditionally use the smoothest and the finest of materials. These doonas will generally be more costly than other options in the market. This can be a great fit if you seek luxurious quilts or doonas.


Cotton works just like wool and is great at absorbing any moisture in the body. These cotton doonas also work well with people who have allergies. So, the next time you wish to buy a light quilt in your house, cotton is your best bet.


Microfibre is a synthetic material and the most effective filling ever. You can easily wash them in your washing machine and find a range of quality with different weights.


It would help if you bought doonas that cover your entire bed. If not, your money might go to waste. Keeping the dimensions in mind and buying these quilts will ensure that you are safe from any chill during the night.


Types of doonas are usually based on the usage and buyer’s needs. Some days you need doonas that you can crawl up in your bed with; on the other days, you might require a quilt that can withstand trips from one room to another.

It is expected that the doonas will lose their fluffiness over some time. So, it is best to understand your needs, the movement of these doonas, and how long they can last before you make the final buy.


All of you readers must have a defined price budget for buying anything. How could doonas be behind? The essential factor that make-or-break the final decision is the price tag.

A strong suggestion would be to invest in a good-quality quilt that makes you sleep like a baby! While there might be price constraints, look for options that fit within or a little above your budget and provide the best quality.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on the main factors to consider while buying quilts. You must know what you need before looking at the options available in the market. Once you know your requirements, finding the right pick will not be challenging.

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