Amazing Charts EHR Software – A Powerful Tool for Physician and Patient

Charts EHR Software


Imagine being able to track your patients’ progress, identify potential health issues, and communicate with them efficiently. Amazing Charts EHR Software is a powerful tool for physicians and patients to help you achieve this goal. The difficulty of tracking your patients’ progress, finding patient-friendly features, and communicating with them is overwhelming. 

Why should you start choosing Amazing Charts EHR Software today?

Amazing Charts EHR Software is a powerful tool that helps physicians create customized charts, track patient progress, and communicate with their patients efficiently. The software helps you survey your patients to get feedback and ensure they’re on the right. Medical professionals can use charting software to organize their data and print or email the charts. Amazing Charts is focused on simple solutions that allow medical professionals to spend more time with patients and less with computers.

Amazing charts were created by a family doctor in 2001 who understood the challenges faced by clinicians. Amazing Charts has been a top-rated EHR in user-friendliness, affordability, and value for money. Harris Healthcare acquired Amazing Charts in 2017 to make it the core of its healthcare organization. It also offers a variety of ambulatory healthcare solutions. Amazing Charts has seen rapid growth since the acquisition. Amazing Charts were created by an MD who understood independent physicians’ issues. EHR allows clinicians to chart efficiently and quickly using fewer clicks while keeping costs low. More than 6.700 private clinics have already adopted the solutions, including internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, surgery, cardiologists, and other specialties.

Some of the key features of Amazing charts EHR :


This feature only allows one-click access to summary charts, laboratory results, summary charts, and previous encounters summary. You don’t need to record the same data twice!


Amazing Charts also includes an integrated e-Prescribing module. It is powered with NewCrop, a SureScripts-Certified Solution.


Charts can be edited and accessed through an intra-messaging platform in any email. Only those who have the right information will be able to access them.


An easy-to-use report tool that can generate complicated queries from standard pre-built questions will be available.


They created amazing charts templates quickly to minimize the chance that your notes will be identical.


Signing a note in Amazing Charts generates an electronic superbill automatically generated and saved to the bill.

Patient Portal

You can communicate with your patients by email to share information such as test results, visits, and educational documents.

Maintenance and Support

Chat, email, phone, and remote access to US support staff via instant. Regular database and program updates will help improve your EHR access.


Book, reschedule, and even register missed or no-show appointments. Select the appointment type and duration, then book appointments quickly.

Do Amazing Charts also have any Product Families?

The Amazing Charts product family has expanded to include Harris CareTracker, digiChart and Clinix, MEDfx, and Pulse. Harris Healthcare is financially sound and follows the “Family is Forever” policy. Harris Healthcare also commits to compliance to ensure your practice meets industry standards.

Are amazing charts cloud-based? Does it have a mobile app?

Amazing Charts of Pediatric EMR now offers a fully-hosted service! You only need an internet connection and can access Amazing Charts in Cloud from anywhere. Access is available from your office, home, hospital, or even a house visit. and no, it doesn’t have any mobile app 

Pricing and Demo

Prices start at $199/month. There are two pricing options available: monthly and annual billing. Discuss the best solution with the vendor. Vendors offer two plans. The first is Electronic Health Record, starting at $199/month*. The second is Practice Management, starting at $299/month*. A free trial is available. It is possible to request it at any moment. Get a demo now.


Choosing an EHR is so difficult. Without analyzing reviews, we go through many overviews for you and conclude that Amazing Charts is easy to use. It is a great tool for anyone who has been using paper records and wants to switch to electronic records. It has been extremely user-friendly, and I have used it primarily to document patient visits and review medical records.


There are too many choices in technology out there. It’s hard to know what’s best for your patients and business. We will discuss all possible information regarding Amazing charts for you. By reviewing the demo and little research, you can easily find a better choice for your system.

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