Amazing features of graves aram

Not surprisingly, Lux is one of those champions, and you can’t see how strong he is and when he’s paired with the right champions, he rolls or trades with teammates. Might be useful.

Lux can be built as a damage table or as a support that effectively controls all enemies as well as allies with its shield.

Lux has many privileges, starting with lighting (off), which marks the opponent’s champions as damaged by Lux’s abilities. If an enemy is damaged by a base attack or other ability, the opponent will do more damage.

It is important for graves aram to inflict damage on the opponent’s marked champions and initially mark them as a light (inactive) mark that only lasts 6 seconds.

The light bonds (Q) glow in the target direction, dealing magical damage and eliminating the first two enemies.

Light Binding (Q) is one of the most useful abilities lux aram has access to, and it gives friends plenty of time to jump on rooted enemies.

The Prismatic Barrier (W) is a shield to be thrown at Allied champions, protecting them from enemies on their return journey as well as on their return journey. Players should not be afraid to throw parasitic barriers (W) regularly, especially if they are entering a team fight.

Lucent Singularity (E) is Lux’s cultivating ability, which requires a circle of light that players must replay to deal damage, but Lucent Singularity (E) automatically collapses after 5 seconds.

Notably, the Lucent Singularity (E) will slow down internal enemies, making it another collective control with access to Lux.

Final Spark (R) is a great competitive ability, especially if opponents have not created significant magical resistance. After casting, the Final Spark (R) emits a large laser light, which is associated with a lot of mechanical damage.

Quick description:

Call letters: Flash, clear, healing

RUNES: Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball Collection, Ultimate Hunter // Manaflo Band, Maura

Eligibility Criteria: Q, E, W or E, Q, W.

First Purchase: The Lost Chapter

Blood order: Loudon echo, scholar’s shoes, age stick, Morilonomican, rubber band death cap, fake staff

COMBOS: The Lux combination is pretty simple, players must start with Lucent Singularity (E), then Light Binding (Q) and Final Spark (R).

Athletes are not encouraged to create a Prismatic Barrier (W) during the Lux rotation to avoid any delay as any stumble can lead to failure.

Sumner’s mantra for LUX IN ARAM


The general rule for ARAM is to bring Flash to Champions, as it helps players get in or out of battle, but I recommend not using Flash to continue when Lux explodes. No way. To deal enough damage. Crash into an enemy champion.

If you’re feeling overconfident or you know for sure you can save displacement, move on. God bless my children.


I am a very aggressive Lux player and I use my skills whenever they are away from the cold in the hopes that I can do as much damage as possible. Confidence moves fast.

Clarity gives players 50% of their maximum value and their team members 25% of their maximum value.

Clarity is important to me because I quickly lost faith because I was not the archangel’s staff.


If players need more health and speed after or during team battles, Hale could be the summer standard for them.

I’m not a big fan of heel picks because it’s more saturated in ARAM and unfortunately it is one of the only demanding characters that has a lower profit if players use it one by one.

Lux trees for relaxation

Like many other mage like Veiger, Morgana, Anevia, Brand, Hammerdinger, Carthage, Timo, Zaira, Soraka, Ziggs, Twisted Fat, AP Miss Fortune and Miller, he plays as Lux, where he uses dominance or sorcery .

Dominance / Magic is more aggressive than Magic / Dominance, especially if players get good spirits by making sure to eliminate the opponent.

Magic / Domination Recommended for athletes who want to develop high levels

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