Best Places in Canada to Move if You Love the Great Outdoors


Whether you love the outdoors or you want a chance to get to know them better, Canada has dozens of options for anyone.  From snowboarding and skiing to swimming in the ocean, consider some of these options, and you’ll find your perfect fit!


If you love winter sports and work with a large budget, it’s time to move to Whistler!  This winter vacation paradise is a global capital for skiing and snowboarding and sits less than two hours outside Vancouver. 

Unfortunately, the houses here are more expensive than in Vancouver and are the priciest.  Although the area is a wonderful mix of fun and beautiful, this is only an option for those with a massive budget.


If you love skiing and snowboarding but don’t want the cost of Whistler: Banff homes for sale will impress anyone.  From the lower prices to the gorgeous mountains and views that surround the area, you’ll be blown away regardless of what area of the park you shop in.

Of course, the park is the top skiing and snowboarding area in the winter, but its biking and hiking trails, swimming, boating, and tons of fun make it feel like summer camp for adults in the summer.  Banff is heaven on Earth.


Why not take a slower approach to life, and enjoy an oceanside town full of artists and beautiful creations?  Victoria is an inspiring little town with something for anyone willing to seek it out.

Far less expensive than Banff or Whistler, but still costly in its own right, Victoria is known for the endless coastal views on one half and deep lush forest on its other side.  This city feels like a piece of Seattle broke off and floated away, and it’s an incredible place to live.

Niagara Falls

This city is an awesome combination of being internationally famous while still feeling like a tiny town.  Of course, Niagara Falls are here so that you can take in their beauty, but the entire area has beautiful nature and endless beauty.

This town feels like nothing else, from the trees and plant life to the great waters and beautiful open spaces.  The economy is busy and constantly growing, so you don’t have to worry about finding work here; it’s a great place to move. Also check this out Munnar waterfalls.


This provincial park is one of the most incredible places to live in Canada.  Quieter than Banff but just as stunning in the winter and green in the Summer, Jasper offers a chance at living in nature while enjoying the benefits of a tight-knit community.

Not only does the town center have a fun bar and club center for locals, but the park is full of endless things to do year-round, from camping to enjoying the glacial views and being surrounded by mountains so massive that they’re breathtaking.

Work and Fun Balance Matters

Everyone deserves a balance between work and play, and Canada has dozens of options for this perfect combination.  Consider some of these choices, and you might find your paradise on Earth!

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