Checks that adoption agencies carry out when adopting a child in Georgia


Adopting a child in Georgia might not be as easy a process as it might seem.  What some partners don’t know when wanting a child for adoption is that there are certain checks that the adoption agencies are going to carry out. That is an essential step of any adoption as it enables the agencies to know whether you are even ready for adoption. There are a series of checks that are performed to know about your reliability and whether you and your partner can give a long-term commitment. Hence, further on in this blog post, we will discuss all those checks that are carried out by the social workers so that you have an idea and you can look out for them. 

Assessment checks carried out by social workers for adopting a child in Georgia:

Stage 1 includes the social workers’ adoption assessment checks as part of your adoption process. Usually, the social workers guide the adoptive parents throughout the process so that everything can go as smoothly as possible, making suggestions and recommendations whenever they are needed. 

Checks during this stage include a full DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). That will ensure that you look safely after your child throughout their life. If you feel like anything went wrong during this check or did not go as you planned, we recommend that you talk to us about it beforehand. It will enable us to discuss the implications concerning your application at an early age. The social workers will carry out checks with your local authority social care, child protection, and education services of where you have lived, among others. That enables them to get a background of the adoptive family, allowing the social workers to understand them better. And a full medical check that will enable the social workers to know that you are in good medical condition. 

Matching of the adoptive child with the adoptive parents:

After you have been approved and selected to be fit for adopting a child, the next step is to find a child. Some prospective adopters might immediately find the best match for themselves, while the others might require some time to find a child that will be the perfect match for the family. That process is carried out by conducting meetings with the biological parents and the child. The interview will enable both the child and the adoptive parents to get to know each other. That will enable a relationship and create a bond. After deciding, the agency will proceed onto its next stage, which is holding a meeting with you and the foster care provider to decide what will be the best practices for moving a child and when will the adoptive parents be able to move their adoptive child with them. 

Placement to adoption order:

That is also an important step that is carried out after ten weeks of your adoptive child living with you. If within these ten weeks, you can take care of your child properly and there are no hurdles, the court will issue an adoption order which will guarantee that the prospective parents are responsible enough for taking care of their adopted child. You have to apply for this order. A hearing in the court will be conducted based on it and it will be decided whether you are going to be given the adoption order. After you legally get the document, your adoptive child becomes a part of your family, and you will have full parental responsibility for them. 

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Moving onto our next section, in which we will discuss commonly asked questions related to adopting a child in Georgia.

Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the procedure for adopting a child?

For adopting a child, you need to understand the following steps:

  • Registration

  • Home Study and Counselling

  • Referral of the child

  • Acceptance of the child

  • Filing of petition

  • Pre-adoption foster care

  • court hearing

  • Court order

What will disqualify you from adopting a child?

Certain things can disqualify you from adopting a child, including previous child abuse cases, history of domestic violence, crimes against children including child pornography, crimes involving violence, assault, homicide, and other stuff like that within the past five years of adopting. 

How much does it cost to adopt a child?

Working with a private agency for adopting a healthy or a newborn baby can cost anywhere around $5,000-$40,000. However, the cost of adopting a child may vary from the adoption agency to the agency. 

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