Gain an Edge in Your Business by Leveraging NetbaseQuid’s Social Media Monitoring Tool

Social Media Monitoring Tool

Social media monitoring is the practice of tracking consumer conversations about a company’s brand, products, services, or competitors online. This information can be used to create future marketing campaigns with better content that appeals more directly to consumers’ needs.

Social media monitoring tools are available for companies that want to track their brands without having an in-house team member dedicate their time monitoring social media. These tools offer both analytics on the conversation happening about a company’s brand and an analytic dashboard reporting on what exactly consumers are saying about that company.

Importance of Social Media Monitoring

Companies should consider all possible components of tracking the conversation after creating their marketing campaign. Monitoring helps identify major conversation happening and their influence on the entire campaign. More so, it helps understand consumer sentiments when running a campaign. This helps monitor a negative sentiment that is leaking into their brand’s image or product.

Companies running social media marketing campaigns should not only rely on the social media tool to track metrics after they run their campaign, but they must also continue to engage consumers in conversations about their campaign. The company should communicate to consumers who are talking about its campaign in a positive way. Even if there is criticism or negative sentiment, the company must respond in a positive and constructive manner to show that they’re listening and willing to learn from their mistakes.

How Long Should a Brand Monitor Their Social Media?

The length of time that a company will continue to monitor conversations about its brand will depend on how long the campaign is going to run. They should also conduct a before and after analysis on the success of their campaign in order to determine if they want to continue monitoring consumer conversations about that particular subject matter.

Social media Monitoring Tool

Netbase Quid offers a variety of social media tools that helps you stay ahead of the curve by staying on top of changing social conversations. In addition to traditional social media monitoring, Netbase Quid also delivers social analysis with analytics and reporting so you get a complete view of what’s being said about your brand or competitors. Social media outreach is only effective when you know what people are saying in real-time, not when it’s too late. By using advanced text mining technology, you’ll be able to spot developing trends in the market early in order to plan and strategize accordingly.

Netbase’s tool has powerful language detection capabilities, giving marketers full control over how they monitor and engage in social conversations. You can search social media in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can also look for language-specific sentiment or reactions to specific terms.


As a business, if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals on social media you have to leverage social platforms monitoring tools. They give you insight into what your consumers are saying so that you are able to provide products and services that suit their needs. 

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