How to become a successful real estate agent

How to become a successful real estate agent

India’s real estate market is versatile and yet, competitive, especially for real estate agents. To be successful in this market, it is important for all property brokers to understand consumer behavior and what kind of marketing innovation will help them to get more leads, to keep one’s business afloat.

Maintain connections with past clients

You do not need to spend a lot on marketing efforts, if you have satisfied customers to give you referrals. Get their testimonials published on your website and social media accounts. You can also ask satisfied clients, if they would be willing to allow your potential clients to talk to them, for background verification. Creating goodwill in the market is crucial, to become a successful real estate agent like repcalgaryhomes.

Don’t always focus on selling

Act as a consultant, rather than a sales agent. This will help you in understanding your client’s requirements and what is the rationale behind their choices. If you have shortlisted some options from them, tell them what makes it valuable for them, instead of convincing them that it is the perfect choice. If you focus too much on selling, rather than helping, the deal may not reach a conclusion, as there won’t be enough trust between you and your prospective client. A successful agent has to be a consultant first and a salesperson second.

Be transparent with your buyer

If you are not sure about the builder’s track record, be clear about this with your buyer. You do not want them to get stuck in a project that is bound to get delayed. If you know that there are legal hassles in the property, make sure your buyer has enough information about it. If your buyer is adamant on buying a property from a seller who only has a power of attorney or in an area where the colony has not yet been regularised, it is your duty to tell them about the risks associated with the move.

Cultivate an online presence

The first thing your prospective client will do after getting your reference, is search about you and your business online. You would want to use this opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted name in the industry. Start with a basic website or a Google Business listing. You can boost your online presence gradually. Make sure your website has a call-to-action button, which can directly lead your visitor to a contact form or your WhatsApp number, whichever is quicker for you to respond to their query. A call-back or personalised response to your prospective lead within a few hours, can improve your chances of getting their business by up to 70%.

Avoid making assumptions

Avoid making assumptions and rely only on facts, when it comes to documentation, legalities and property valuation. Do not make assumptions on the direction your business will grow. Do not rely solely on referral business or expect income to flow in because you have a website running. For success, ensure that you get yourself registered with the state Real Estate Regulatory Authority and network as much as you can.

Networking is the key

Some clients may be difficult to deal with, or you might not have something that they like. Instead of turning down these clients, you can ask your fellow agents, if they have properties matching the client’s criteria. This way, you would be able to help your peers and your prospective customers, at the same time. You can talk about sharing the commission, as, after all, something will be better than nothing, if the deal reaches the final stage.

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