Increasing Your Cannabis Yield: 7 Ways You Must Know

You don’t need a Master’s degree in Agriculture to cultivate cannabis successfully. It is one of the easiest plants to grow. This explains why it is called weed – like a weed; it can grow and survive independently.  

However, one needs the correct technique to get the maximum yield from the cannabis plants. Every grower wants to maximize profit and get the highest result possible. This is possible by following some rules that experienced growers have perfected over the years.  


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To get the best yield out of your plant, giving it what it needs is essential. This comes down to the proper nutrients, water, sunlight, growth medium, perfect harvest timing, and others.  

This article will shed light on seven tips to keep in mind if you want the best yield from your cannabis plant: 

Be Smart with Lightning  

The cannabis plant needs a lot of light to survive. At least 18 hours of light is essential at the vegetation stage. Some growers go as far as supplying them with light for a whole day during this stage, 

Twelve hours of light and darkness should be good when it switches to the flowering stage. If you want abundant yield, give them a large amount of light and distribute it evenly. There are different types of light you can get for your plant. However, consider full-spectrum light with suitable LEDs as they are incredibly efficient. 

You should not go for a LED light with just red and blue diodes as it will not get a good result. It must provide a full spectrum. Also, American-made lights are perfect and should be your first choice.  

Choose the Right Genetics  

All your effort to get a good yield with your cannabis plant hinges on its genetics. The particular strain of your seed will affect many things about it – the growth potential, size of bud, resistance to disease, and many others. This explains why you need seeds from reputable seed banks.  

Find a reputable seed bank that guarantees seed germination 100%. Many growers are guilty of going for low-quality seeds at affordable prices. However, high-quality seeds come at a price but with a guarantee.  

Here are a few tips for identifying high-quality seeds: 

  • Color: consider dark-colored seeds as they are healthy with a high probability of better yields. Seeds light or green in appearance will not give much harvest. 
  • Coat Configuration: go for seeds with a shiny coat. It is a pointer that such seeds will grow into healthy plants.  

Overall, good seeds are usually bigger. Make sure to try first  free tincture from kush station , alongside a top cannabis seed.  


Have Good Growth Surrounding 

The perfect environment is part of the essentials that will give your cannabis plant an excellent yield. As a result, the growth medium needs to be ideal with optimum ventilation circulating the medium. For growers cultivating vertically, this is important since the air in the lower part of the room might be cooler. However, all the plant parts need to receive the same light and temperature, especially the taller plants.  

Another thing is that one needs to put genetics, which is essential, on the top layer of the cultivated grounds and those that need more attention at the bottom. Many growers concentrate on lower plant levels, water, manicure, etc. than the top. Also, stretchy seeds need a comfortable temperature, which is usually only available at the bottom.  


Supply Abundant Carbon Dioxide 

Carbon dioxide is the main compound all plants need to survive. Since this element makes photosynthesis successful, abundant carbon dioxide will yield optimum. This makes it essential to try and encourage optimum circulation of Carbon Dioxide in and around your plant parts and flowers. This will help the plant use its nutrients. Efficiently. 

The trichome and resin levels will increase if plants have better nutrient utilization. Don’t forget that the trichome and resin house the most THC and CBD in the plant.  

When it comes to the carbon dioxide quantity to give your plant, consider an average of 1,1150 ppm of CO2 dissolved in water and sprinkled across the growth medium. On a better note, start from 1000 ppm of CO2 and increase it gradually over the week.  




Properly Space Your Plant 

Your plants need enough space for its part to spread, especially the roots. The inability of the roots to spread around will limit their capacity to find nutrients essential for growth. However, healthy and vibrant roots will not have issues traveling down and sourcing nutrients. As a result, your plant will likely give healthy and big plants.  

The spacing, however, is the factor of your growing space, especially the area of your flowering canopies. As a result, ensure you maximize space while allowing for enough spacing. 

Prune Side branches 

Some growers call this process lollipopping – the act of getting rid of small and low branches from the plant. When the small and low branches are off, the plant directs all its energy into the main ones. The idea is the same as pruning done on trees.  

Do this if you don’t want the small branch to suck excess nutrients from your plant. Getting rid of the lower branches will also allow optimum air circulation for the cannabis plant.  

With a pair of sheer, cut off the excess and lower branches and leaves such that the plant looks like a lollipop, hence the name.  

Low-Stress Training (LST) 

Low-Stress training means tilting the branches slowly in a specific direction so the plant can grow in a particular way. Exercise is best down at the vegetative stage because uneven growth might affect development interlock the branch.  

LST involves spreading out the side branches and main stem by separating them using a string. With this, the plant grows outward into a thick bush. You can even tidy up overlap between your plants. 

While low-stress training is excellent and appropriate for optimum yield, it will not take the place of essential plant needs like nutrients, lighting, watering, and others. However, adding LST to the mix can maximize the plant yield with these foundations.  

Overall, ensure to only limit LST to the flowering stage because the plant is flexible then; once it flowers, the current size might not change.  

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You can do many simple hacks to help your cannabis plant grow big and give enviable yields. Once you can give it the required attention, your cannabis plant will reward you with good results.  



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