slice credit card vs uni card

Each one of us, in today’s era, is running in a rat race of achieving financial independence. And why not? Financial independence is much more than having money, it’s about security, power, respect, flexibility and much more. As we think about financial independence, the simplest financial tool to get you started is credit cards. Credit Cards help you build a credit history and Credit score, which further helps you in giving an edge while grabbing other financial opportunities.

In the following article, we compare the two best cards in the market for people starting their financial journey, Slice Card and Uni Card. So, let’s discuss whether a Slice Card is better or a Uni Pay Card.



  • Slice Card
  • Slice Credit Card is one of the best student cards on the market for Millenials, the card can be used as a credit card or a loan.
  •  It comes with unbeatable and unique benefits like a No Cost EMI facility for 3 months, the card can be used for shopping on more than 99% of merchant websites in India (as claimed by Slice company), withdrawing cash and many other benefits. 
  • The Slice Card is a Ru-Pay-enabled card, hence, can be used for both offline and online transactions making it one of the most convenient cards to use.

  • Uni Pay Card
  • Uni Pay ⅓ is a domestically prepaid card, it comes with the feature of Paying ⅓ of the bill in three months’ instalments.
  •  The card does not charge any fee or interest for 3 months giving its users a stress-free experience. 
  • For example, Gita bought a watch for Rs 60,000 this month and paid Rs 20,000 a month for the next 3 months without any interest/fee. 
  • The Uni Pay 1/3rd card was launched by big giants in the financial domain, that is, Uniorbit Technologies (UNI), in support and partnership with RBL Bank, State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), and Liquiloans.
  •  You can enjoy the benefits while using this card for your groceries, essentials, fashion sale, or even on-sale bills. 


  • Slice Card
  • Availability: The card is available both in physical and virtual format to provide convenience and ease to card owners.
  • Cashback: 2% cashback is available on every transaction you make using the Slice Card, helping you earn while making expenditures.
  • Credit Limit: Credit Limit starting from Rs2000 up to Rs 10 Lakhs is provided to you by the Slice Company, giving you a strong financial backing for emergencies.
  • No Cost EMI: No Cost EMI facility is provided to you for 3 months, helping you lead a stress-free financial life.
  • No Joining Fees: No Joining Fees are charged from you to get this card as a welcome gesture.
  • No Annual Fees: No Annual Fees are charged from you to get a Slice card.
  • Instant Cashback and Discounts: The Slice Card provides instant cashback and discounts available on Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Weight and many more famous online websites.
  • Cash Withdrawal and Money Transfer: Cash withdrawal and transfer money facility using your bank account or Paytm is available on the Slice Card, giving you a convenient experience.
  • Referral Money: By referring Slice Cards to your friends and family you can earn referral money which you can easily redeem later.

  • Uni Pay Card
  • Cashback: Cashback of 1% is awarded to you if you choose to pay in full instead of instalments in 3 parts as a reward.
    • Lifetime free Card: The card is a lifetime free card, i.e, it charges no joining fees and renewal/annual fees from its cardholders.
    • Freebies: A mask, chocolate, and a baggage tag is offered to you for free with Uni Pay Card as a welcome feature by the company.
    • Pay Later: In the pay later feature of the Uni Card, you can make your payments in 3 easy monthly installments with no additional  charges or cost involved, relieving you from financial stress like the best financial buddy for high value and emergency spending.
  • Scan and Pay: With the scan and pay feature you will be able to use your credit line to easily scan and pay at your favourite stores. The feature will be added very soon to the card.
  • Design: The card comes in a mild grey/silver colour and a premium design that makes it look luxurious, unlike normal cards.
  • Credit Limit: The Uni Card offers a credit limit ranging between Rs20,000 to Rs 6 Lakhs which is one of the best entry-level card limits in the market.
  • 24×7 Care Support: 24/7 care support/customer services are offered by Uni Cards which involves providing service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Card Freeze: The Uni card freezes after 6 months of non-usage by the cardholder for security and other reasons.

  • Slice Card
  • Joining Fees: The card charges no joining fees.
  • Renewal Fees or Annual Fees: The card charges no renewal fees or annual fees.

  • Uni Pay Card
  • Joining Fees: The card charges no joining fees.
  • Renewal Fees or Annual fees: The card charges no renewal fees or annual fees.

Hope you have made your decision, after analyzing which among the slice card or UNI Cards offers the best benefits that suit your financial habits. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your first credit card and start your journey of financial independence  Now!

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