The Challenge In OTT Platforms and Their Solution

OTT Platforms

As technology advances online streaming platforms are going exponentially. In the recent past, one of the most growing businesses is the OTT platform. People are loving it. They prefer online streaming platforms over traditional tv channels.

Despite advanced technology adopts by many online streaming platforms, some challenges occur.

Here is the problem lists that user-facing in recent days-

Know Your Customer-

OTT platforms have to give them the content that the audience wants. A customer always wants the content he likes.OTT platform has to always take care of its audience. What audience is searching for, what they are looking for, and what they are previously watching? An OTT platform has to be given the right suggestion. A user experience has to be the best. Giants companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney give their customers the best experience. Niche streaming platforms like the 9anime app, Shudder has to do this as quickly as possible.

High-Quality Video Streaming Service-

Video quality is a big issue nowadays. In this first growing technology video quality is a real problem. Users want more high quality and the best experience in the time of content consumption.

Slow clouds, outages, and CDN issues are caus by buffering. This buffering content always annoys customers.  And it will cost platforms near future.

As technology advanced, content distributors must give users seamless and high-quality content. OTT platforms need to optimize traffic management intelligence user by user.

Satisfy Your Customer-

In OTT platforms every minute and every MB data count. So streaming platforms have to be very careful about their content. Content must be beautiful and perfect. Always take care of your users.

Content is the foremost thing. OTT platforms have to spend their biggest expenses. So make the best content and protect them.

Piracy Site-

Nowadays piracy is the biggest problem for Online platforms. This type of site stole the content and made them freely available in the market. It’s worst for both. An OTT platform faces lo du to this. Also, a subscriber’s mind changes if all content is available free in the market.

Some Solution-

For customers when they face buffering they can do certain things.

Check Internet Connectivity-

Streaming video in pooer connection is one of the causes for buffer. One should check their connectivity. If many users use the same network at the same time, the internet always lagging. So as for customers, our advice should be to check connectivity.

Reduce Video Quality-

If you are still facing buffering. Then you have to reduce quality. You can choose 720p instead of 1080p.

Clear cache and cookies-

The customer‘s data preserves in the cache. If you face lagging it may be for your browser cache. So clean it.

Update Browser-

OTT platform always wants to give the best user experience. So they provide time to time update customers. It’s the customer’s responsibility that customer should update their browser for the best experience.

For OTT Providers-

Online streaming Platforms are an extremely overcrowded market. So this buffering lagging happens. But sill they company have to work on their basics. The use of the cloud can be done properly.

Multi CDN setup can be a good solution for OTT Platforms.


If you are reading this article you know, that may be a streaming platform is the future of the TV industry. If you used the OTT platform One week in a year what problem are you facing? Let us know.

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