Scleral Contact Lenses: Little-known facts

scleral contact lenses

Due of developments in contact lens technology, people who previously would not have been candidates for contact lenses because of visual health difficulties are now able to enjoy the benefits of this corrective eyewear choice. One such advancement has been the invention of scleral contact lenses, which are larger than standard contact lenses and may be worn for extended periods of time.

Conventional Contact Lenses vs. Sclerals: Which is Better for You?

Standard contact lenses have an outside diameter of 9-9.5 mm, but scleral lenses may have an outside diameter ranging from 14.5 to 24 mm. Scleral lenses are more expensive than traditional contact lenses, but they are more comfortable. They have the ability to cover the whole cornea, even extending to the white region of your eyes, safeguarding your eyesight. Scleral contact lenses are built of stiff gas permeable polymers that include a fluid reservoir to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable throughout the day.

Scleral Contact lenses are successful even when other types of lenses are ineffective or fail. Scleral Contact lenses are useful when a patient is unable to find a contact lens that is both pleasant to use and successful in correcting their vision impairment with conventional contact lenses.

In accordance with one of the most often repeated misconceptions about Scleral Contact lenses, these lenses are much more expensive than conventional soft lenses. Additionally, Scleral Contact lenses need more time and effort to prescribe since the lenses must be fitted and personalized to each individual eye, and many patients assume that this will result in higher prices. Patients are often surprised to hear that Scleral Contact lenses are not prohibitively expensive, as they believe.

Types of Scleral Contact Lenses

The three basic forms of scleral lenses are semi scleral contact lenses, mini-scleral contact lenses, and full scleral contact lenses. 

Semi scleral contact lenses – they are the most popular kind of contact lens available. It is possible to wear these contact lenses in the space between your sclera and cornea rather than in front of the cornea since they are bigger in diameter than general purpose lenses and measure 13 to 15 mm in diameter. 

Mini-scleral contact lenses – Depending on the size of your eyes, mini-scleral contact lenses with an 18 mm diameter may be able to completely encircle your corneal surface and rest on the front part of your sclera, allowing you to see clearly in all directions. 

Full scleral contact lenses – A full scleral lens, on the other hand, has the widest diameter, providing for more than adequate distance between your cornea and the lens when you’re wearing it.

Are Scleral Contact Lenses Fine for everyone to wear?

Individuals who have difficulties fitting lenses into their eyes, as well as those who suffer from illnesses that are caused by an unevenly covered corneal surface, such as cataracts, and who prefer to see well, may find this to be an excellent option. Its large surface area helps light to pass through it without being stopped or distorted, which makes it an excellent choice for replacing an irregularly shaped cornea. It is possible that the enhanced tear production generated by scleral contact lenses would be beneficial to dry eye patients in terms of alleviating the symptoms of their condition.

Scleral Contact lenses maintain the weight of the lenses in the case of patients who wear them on their eyes, which vaults back and forth across the lenses. It is possible to relieve a wide range of disorders, including uneven corneas, refractive errors, and a wide range of other afflictions, with the use of these contact lenses.

Pros of Scleral Contact Lenses

The larger size of scleral contact lenses not only makes them significantly more sturdy than ordinary contact lenses, but it also reduces the likelihood of your contacts being accidentally removed from your eyes. These lenses are constructed of a gas-permeable polymer and a fluid bag that help you keep excellent eyesight in the future. A few of the various advantages of adopting scleral lenses are the increased visual coverage, the more secure installation, and the long-lasting eye comfort that scleral lenses give. Scleral Contact lenses are a popular and gratifying alternative for many patients who want clear and comfortable eyesight. We must not undervalue the advantages of Scleral Contact lenses, which are the most sophisticated technology now available to patients and are thus recommended.

Where can I get Scleral Contact Lenses?

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