Side effects of sleeping pills for men’s health

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It is the nature of humans to find a shortcut solution to any problem. We like to be in the safe zone and cash on convenience. This is the reason the pharmaceutical sector is booming every year with record sales. Take, for example, if you do lack penile erection,you simply take Cenforce 200. For fever, you have paracetamol and similarly, for every small issue, you have pills. But we forget that tablets are chemical after all, they are bound to show side effects in the long run. One such pill currently in trend is sleeping pills.

Due to an exhausting working environment and mental issues, people are facing a huge sleep crunch. Either people don’t have enough time to sleep or people find it difficult to fall asleep. Lack of sleep or good sleep hinders the productivity of the person, increases stress, blood pressure rises and heart disorders too become a possibility.

If you are not sleeping well because of crack withdrawal then seek help ASAP. It’s better to get clean and get your sleeping schedule back naturally than to add another addiction to your life.

The sex life of such a person is also disappointing and disappointing. He has to use Vidalista to get a good erection to be able to satisfy his partner. It’s not a life which you would want.Today this problem is faced by a major chunk of the world population irrespective of age group, gender, caste and creed.In America, almost 2/3 of people are stressed and are regular visitorstoa psychiatrist. After checking hundreds of patients, the psychiatrist, himself/herself visits another psychiatrist. This shows the vicious reality we live in where a night of sleep requires pills. But is this being the only we overcome sleeping disorders or we can do it naturally too? Let’s unravel the truth in this article where we talk about the ill effects of taking sleeping pills and natural methods of getting rid of them.


Yes, you heard it right. It has been observed that regular or periodic use of sleeping pills create an affinity for the drug. In absence of the drug, the mind gets distracted and cannot function properly. It leads to a situation where sleeping pills become a regular item in your monthly shopping. But be careful while getting rid of it instantly if you have been using sleeping pills for a long time because it will withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms are dangerous. Hence, it is advisable to consider it under the supervision of a doctor.


Asthma patients usually are on the receiving end because shortness of breath is one of the side effects of sleeping pills. So, those who aren’t asthma patients are vulnerable to becoming one in the long run. So, asthma patients must carry inhalers all the time to tackle symptoms.


Often it is seen that after taking sleeping pills on a daily basis or periodically swelling occurs in lips, eyes or in facial areas. It happens due to the action of histamine, an immunity response chemical that thinks that some harmful element has attacked. But actually, it is mistaken, hence it attacks healthy tissues and muscles resulting in swelling, running nose, itching and inflammation. Doctors prescribe anti-histamines to overcome swelling and undo the action of histamine.

Chest Pain

Sleeping pills are the reason for minor chest pain. It can be a serious issue because of the heart being involved in it. So, see a doctor immediately and explain the use of sleeping pills and chest pain due to it.

Natural Alternatives to sleeping pills

Above we discussed some of the common side effects of sleeping pills. Now we shall stress the use of natural alternatives for curing sleeping disorders. Some of the solutions are as follows:

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are by far the most effective and long-lasting solutions to any kind of sleeping disorder. It is scientifically proved that yoga and meditation heal damaged sleep cycle, releases stress, stabilize blood circulation and increase focus and concentration. It is like a stabilizer that restores every excess or deficiency and brings it to normal levels. Besides being the most effective way of curing the sleeping problem, it is also the most inexpensive and safe method. But you need discipline, do yoga and meditation regularly for 1 hour. Do this for 2 months and experience the change in you.

Apart from curing mental problems, it brings glow and enthusiasm to personality. Positivity flows in and out of the person.

Reducing screen time

One should spend less time in front of computer screens and cell phones. You can say it is today’s necessity that you have to be in front of gadgets for 5 to 6 hours. But those who watch movies and play games for several hours is not encouraging. Work can be defined but unhealthy amusement cannot be cited as the reason. Light rays from electronic gadgets harm our eyesight, build up stress and anxiety in the mind.Such people are disturbed mentally as well as sexually because they need Fildena 100 and Cenforce from for orgasm.


The side effects are numerous and so are the solutions. One should only care that pill should be used as the last option.


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