The 9 Key Advantages of Video Advertising

Digital advertising has taken influence over everything else in the world of marketing today. Be it any sort of organisation large or small, the right kind of advertisement has become the prime goal, and why not? Advertisement entertains the viewers while simultaneously elevating sales and revenue. The better the advertisement, the brighter the chances of the product to be sold and gain more popularity. 

The trend of online advertisement is widely followed by marketers in the field of business. Well, it surely explains the features of a product in the right way, educates the viewers, and reflects the purpose for which the product is made. 

Through this post, we will discuss the top advantages of video advertising and how it can benefit your organisation more than anything else.

  1. Videos are in trend

There is no doubt that people prefer watching videos more than anything else. As per stats, more than 90% of business prospects indulge in online videos to imbibe information about any product or service. On YouTube alone, about 4 billion videos are seen in a day. Whereas, one-third of the population tends to buy something after watching the video content. 

People like to watch attractive and crisp content that reveals the right information. Marketers target large audiences with the help of video content for selling their items. To make a video look appealing, you can add audio and animated effects. Use a decent ad maker to boost the video’s essence and sell upright to potential buyers. Video advertising is indeed competitive and yet the most effective strategy to surge sales. 

  1. Sales conversion

Nothing can beat video advertising when it comes to sales and conversion. Video ads make an impact on viewers, convincing them to navigate to a particular website to make a purchase. However, it’s vital to keep videos short, crisp, and informative to attract more viewers. Your video should convey an accurate message while being eye-catchy. With non-disruptive ads, you can propel more people towards purchase. It is essential that you also end your video with a strong call-to-action element. 

You can seamlessly improve sales by implementing video ads in the product description. It is one of the best ways to empower product recalls as well. This is because people remember video ads they have recently watched. Besides, over 40% of people will buy your product after watching a video online. 

  1. Video shareability

Any video which seems interesting to viewers possesses a high chance of being shared on social media platforms. It was recorded that, on average, above 700 videos are shared over Twitter every minute. This is certainly helpful in increasing your video reach exponentially.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Most people like to watch videos on their mobile devices rather than on desktops. Therefore, a majority of customers tend to buy a product after seeing a short video on the same. As humans have a short attention span, it is recommended to make a video of 30 seconds. The first few seconds of the video should focus on attracting the viewers, and that is why mobile-friendly videos make a convenient choice. 

  1. Information and knowledge

Marketers should be able to educate their customers on a specific subject by adding audio and visual effects in their video ads. A few examples of such content are videos and product demos. Video ads are most influential when it comes to storytelling. Such videos attract viewers and convey an informative message in a short time. With videos, you can entertain, inspire and educate people while adding an emotional impact. Marketers use this strategy to deliver information appropriately. 

  1. Search engines’ love for videos

Search engines such as Bing and Google love video content. They use an algorithm for ranking videos at the top of their page. Video content, hence, is helpful for marketers to rank high on search engines. The distribution of videos on social media sites helps in improving visibility by maximising the reach. A video ad can be posted on a blog to gauge attention so that those who read the post would like to visit your website too. 

  1. More information in a little time

With video advertisements, you can provide a large amount of information to the viewers in a short span of time. It is definitely better than a text as you can clearly convey what you want to say. Videos are impactful, therefore they are able to make a valid and powerful statement. 

  1. Analytics

Another big advantage of video advertising is that you can measure how it is doing. You can easily analyse the video stats on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, as people like indulging in videos in many ways. The marketers can make use of analytics to find out how many times the video is shared and liked. This analysis helps in creating campaigns and driving traffic. Also, viewers can give feedback while interacting in real-time with the brands. The feedback can be used to measure whether the campaign is a success or not.

  1. Better delivery

There is no other better format than a video to convey your message or story. Videos show emotions that play a significant role in the delivery of a message. With this, you build a solid relationship with the viewers by telling your story effectively. 


Videos are limitless. Video ads can be made using CTA, hashtags, animation, and other effects to generate more traffic and increase the revenue of the company. The benefits of video ads are many, and that is the reason online platforms are flooded with them. Videos help in improving the brand’s visibility while building a reliable user base. Website traffic can also be enhanced, which implies an increase in sales. Additionally, video ads help brands reach out to a large number of people. 

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