The Best Vastu Tips for Students


Mobile phones, tablets, TV, video games, etc., are some distractions in the contemporary world. If you are a parent, you may struggle to keep your children away from these things and make them more focused on their studies.

This guide highlights a few proven Vastu tips, as per a famous Vastu consultant  that can help your children in their studies. Take a look at those:

Vastu Tips for Students to Do Well In Studies

  1. North, West, or East walls are the perfect positions for windows in the house. Also, the perfect positions are East, West, North, or North-East for doors.
  2. The child’s room must be in the northern or northeastern direction of the house, says top Online Vastu Consultant .
  3. Avoid building a bathroom inside the study room of the child.
  4. Placing a pyramid inside the study room can also be helpful, says a home Vastu expert. It can help in harmonizing energy and improving concentration.
  5. Bring a square or rectangular-shaped study table for the room, and make sure that it is made with the finest quality wood.
  6. You must also make sure that there is a slight gap between the wall and the study table, says a reputed Vastu consultant.

Where Should The Study Room Of Your Child Be Placed As Per Vastu?

A study room placed as per Vastu is among the basic requirements for all aspiring students. According to A Vastu expert, a study room must be positioned in the North, East, or the Northeastern direction of the home. This increases the absorbing power and augments the understanding of content, helping students focus well. In addition, the study room’s door must be in any of the above-discussed directions.

Where Should The Furnishings In The Study Room Be?

1.Study Table

This is the most important of all. As per the best Vastu consultant near me, the position of this item in a study room is critical. You must avoid keeping it against a wall. The shape of this item is essential, too; consider opting for a regular square or rectangular shape.

2. Bookshelves

The books inside the study room must be kept on the bookshelves and not on the study table. This results in unjustified pressure on students and builds too much stress. This item must, if possible, be placed in the Southern or Western direction of the study room, as per the Vastu expert.

The bookshelves can even be placed in the Eastern, Northeastern, or Northern directions. Avoid placing them in the room’s center, north-western, or south-western directions. Keep the center of the room vacant. It would be good to get bookshelves with shutters since open bookshelves build up dirt and lead to health issues.

3. Lighting

There must be adequate air and sunlight inside the study room for your child. You must make sure that the student’s shadow doesn’t drop on the study table when they are studying. There should be a significant amount of light within the study room.

The placement of the windows and lamps must also be considered when designing the room. Windows’ position must be in the Eastern or Northern direction so that the sunlight can go into the room. If the room windows are placed in the western direction, they must be small-sized to lower the heat from the evening sun. Avoid putting spotlights or harsh lights inside the study room since they bring mental stress.

As per a Vastu consultant, there must be a study lamp in the study room to increase focus on studies. The preferred position for the study lamp is on the south-eastern corner of the table.

4. Ventilation

It is essential to have fresh air and good ventilation in the students’ study room to have a healthy body and mind. An open window is vital since there is appropriate air circulation that aids keep cleanness within the room.

What Shouldn’t Be There In A Study Room?

The study room of your child must not have the following:

1. Mirrors

As per Vastu experts, there mustn’t be any reflection of mirrors on the books while studying. This may raise the stress of study on the child. Also, mirrors are distracting elements; thus, it is better to avoid keeping them inside the study room.

2. Television

Television is another distracting element, and it would be best to avoid them in your child’s study room.

3. Toilets

According to Vastu, there should be no toilers inside the study room. However, an attached toilet is acceptable.


Vastu plays a vital part in building a perfect study room. The tips that we’ve discussed above can prove to be helpful for students in performing well. You can contact the best astrologer or Vastu expert online for more tips.

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