Tips for Organizing a Storage Unit:

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We all know that moving is a stressful task. People hire moving and storage companies to make it easier because no one can do the job better than a professional. Did you know? By hiring moving and storage companies, you can save a lot of your time and money? Many people wonder how they can manage storage units for their inventory. Because the professional movers will do the hard part of moving. But what are the key tips to save space and organize the things simultaneously inside the storage unit.

This article is all about saving space in the storage unit, but you first need to know about the sizes of the storage units.

There are many sizes of the storage units, from extra small to extra-large. Here the extra small refer to the storage unit of 5×7 in which you can store boxes and books or small furniture whereas extra-large is 10×20 for 4 offices and 4 bedroom houses.

Now here are the tips for storing inventory in the storage units.

Creating a list of the stock you want to store in the storage unit:

Creating list can benefit you in many ways. Did you know making a list can save you a lot of space in your nee house as well, because you have already decluttered most of the things to keep it to the storage unit? So always make a list of the things you want to keep in the storage units. For example if you want all of your books to be stored in the unit, add them to the list, add all the other items you are no longer need and place them at the storage unit as it is the best and the easiest solution to keep things safe and keep your new house less crowded with the items.

Store items in proper boxes:

When it comes to placing things inside the boxes, there are two types of people, 1: who prefer cardboard boxes and want to keep everything inside the cardboard boxes and place them rightly upright inside the storage unit, 2” who prefer plastic bins as they consider plastic bin a safer and a much easier option when it comes to find anything in the storage unit. You can clearly see all the things placed inside the plastic bins, so you don’t need to look for the whole storage unit if you want any specific things.

You can use anything according to your preferences because the right position matter not the material in which the things are placed at the end of the day.

Place inventory in the upright position:

The upright position is the best position considered by the professional movers because it can save you a lot of space inside the storage unit n matter you storage area is extra small or extra-large, keeping things in an upright position can save you a lot more space at the floor so you can add other things as well.

If you have any furniture or portable wardrobe try to store it in an upright position rather than horizontal position.

Disassemble furniture:

Disassemble your furniture prior to the moving day or storage day because this will save you space to accommodate other things inside the storage unit. For example, if you have any mobile wardrobe or sofa/cough, place it in a position in which the item is placed upright. But if you have any furniture that you can easily disassemble, start disassembling it and place it wherever you want. But keep in mind that storage areas are meant to storage for a short time or a longer time, they are not your permanent storage facility so always place the important and useful things towards the front and valuable and not so important things at the back so that you would not find any difficulty finding the things whenever you need.

Place heavy boxes at the bottom:

When it comes to piling up the boxes always place the heavier and the bigger boxes at the bottom this will support the lighter and the small boxes at the top. If you place lighter and the small boxes at the bottom, they will end up ruining the whole pile of the boxes.

These are the smart and important tricks to be followed by everyone who is planning to rent a storage unit for their stuff. But one of the most important things is to find the best and climate friendly storage units who give you security as well.

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