Top 4 Torrent Sites For Books to Read

torrent sites for books

If you’re looking for a place to download your eBooks, there are several places to do so. You can also use the Advanced search feature to refine your search. You can also refine your search by selecting different book formats. Once you have located the right file, you can download it and save it to your PC. These torrent sites also offer a variety of other file formats, such as audiobooks and movies. Here are some of the best torrent sites for books.

Name of Torrent Sites

1 ManyBooks

If you’re looking for a place to download free eBooks in torrent format, ManyBooks is the right choice for you. With over 33,000 free eBooks and over one million readers, ManyBooks has an extensive catalogue of free eBooks and torrents. You can easily access them by category, author, or keyword. ManyBooks is available in multiple languages, so you don’t have to worry about downloading any specific language.

While ManyBooks offers a great collection of paid eBooks, it doesn’t encourage piracy. For example, it has an enormous free eBook section and a very low price for paid titles. You can also browse through a lot of free eBooks and torrents in the Wiki family. This way, you’ll be able to find the exact book you’re looking for in no time. ManyBooks is one of the safest torrent sites for eBooks, and it’s free to use.

2 Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a good option for downloading books, because it supports a variety of formats, from PDF to EPUB. You can find hundreds of books, regardless of genre, by searching for a particular title. And you don’t need to register to download them, which is another big plus. In fact, Torrentz2 has a large catalogue, so you can download as many books as you like.

Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine that indexes files from the most popular torrent sites. This way, you can easily search for the specific content you’re looking for. Torrentz2 saves you from browsing P2P sites one by one. Plus, it has a clean interface and no ads, making it easy to navigate. If you’re looking for a book torrent site, Torrentz2 is the best option.

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3 Torrent9

Torrent9 for books is a website that provides verified torrents of books. Its layout is straightforward and easy to navigate. However, its ads can be annoying. However, it is a good torrent site for books. This website also has a large selection of e-books. Regardless of genre, you can easily find and download your favourite book. There are many categories and you can download books of any size. You can even download audiobooks from Torrent9, which is a free alternative to iTunes.

Torrent9 for books features a prominent search bar and a small logo. It is easy to navigate and has a large number of related torrents. The site also has a variety of free indie books to choose from. The home page is also easy to navigate with an organized collection of related files. Torrent 9 for books is also a good choice for readers who don’t have time to go through a library.

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4 Torrentz

Torrentz is a great place to download e-books and torrents of books. Compared to other torrent sites, it contains more books than any other site. With over 4,00,000 books available, this torrent site has more than one million titles available to download. You can browse through the books and find the perfect one for your reading pleasure. You can also search for books by category. The search option is also very useful, as you can narrow down your search by the genre you’re interested in.

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll enjoy Torrentz. This website offers free downloads of a variety of ebooks in PDF and doc format. There’s no need to sign up, either. Another good torrent search engine is iDope, which provides direct magnet links for books. The UI of iDope is simple, and the mobile version is user-friendly.

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