Trade The Games – India’s First Crypto currency Fantasy Gaming Platform is Here

In India, crypto investments grew from regarding $923 million to almost $6.6 billion in an exceedingly year followed by a rise of fifty-one. 18 per cent within the benchmark. This is often the explanation youth is being compelled towards the beginning of crypto stock games.

Crypto and stock fantasy games are a new way towards stock market,  permitting the players to trade stocks, or currency in an exceedingly virtual market setting with no real risk.

TTG (Trade the Games) is the world’s most epic fantasy game. This is a platform where trading on cryptocurrency takes place with multiple editions of games. The most viewed component of TTG is that it brings crypto trading and fantasy gaming together. The game not only provides a platform for gaming but also exposes its participants to the real marketplace where participants would have to deal with real market problems. The platform teaches the subtleties of buying and selling crypto.

Trade The Games is India’s first cryptocurrency fantasy gaming platform that provides an emulation real-time crypto stock market where users can win real money along with learning. The platform provides an opportunity for young individual investors participating in the market as a path to building wealth by learning how to handle risks, market volatility, ensure portfolio diversification and financial concepts. But before all this, today’s youth should be more aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency trading. How crypto is becoming the most popular amongst youth? Let us find out how crypto trading is becoming the most popular asset amongst youngsters

Benefits of cryptocurrency trading

  • Cryptocurrency market is a 24 hours market where users and buyers work everyday with their investments, seven days every week as a result of there’s no centralised governance of the market. Cryptocurrency transactions manifest themselves directly between individuals, therefore there is no involvement of third party in it. This feature makes crypto more affordable.


  • Improved Liquidity for lifetime because it quickly and easily generate a cryptocurrency into cash, whereas not impacting the worth. Liquidity is significant as a result it brings relating to higher valuation, faster dealings times and hyperbolic accuracy for technical analysis. In general, the cryptocurrency market is taken into account illiquid as a result of the transactions square measure distributed across multiple exchanges, which suggests that relatively tiny trades will have an enormous impact on market costs. this is often a neighborhood of the explanation cryptocurrency markets unit of measurement so volatile.


  • Leveraged exposure As CFD mercantilism could also be a leveraged product, it permits you to open a position on ‘margin’ – a deposit worth merely a fraction of the whole value of the trade. In different words, you’ll gain Associate in Nursing outsized exposure to a cryptocurrency market whereas entirely tying up a comparative little bit of your capital. The profit or loss you produce from your cryptocurrency trades will replicate the whole value of the position at the aim it’s closed, thus mercantilism on margin offers you the possibility to form large profits from a relatively small investment. However, it can also amplify any losses, further as losses that might exceed your initial deposit for the individual trade.


  • Faster account gap When you obtain cryptocurrencies, you’ll get to obtain an Associate in sell via an exchange, which needs you to form an Associate in Nursing exchange account and store the cryptocurrency in your own digital notecase. This methodology is restrictive and long. In an exceedingly short space of its slow, cryptocurrency exchanges began to uprise within the country. Pioneers like BtcxIndia, Unocoin, and Coinsecure began providing cryptocurrency exchange and mercantilism services within the Republic of India. Over time, others like Zebpay, Koinex, and Bitcoin-India were intercalary to the list. With the proliferation of crypto commercialism and exchange platforms, the crypto market in the Republic of India has grown up from its modest level in 2013 to what it’s nowadays. Aside from these online exchanges, there’s a spread of over-the-counter (OTC) crypto retailers inside the country. Boost this, varied Bitcoin ATMs in major Indian cities and you’ve got the makings of a crypto-economic hub


But most importantly time, today’s youth is more about quick rather than wait. Crypto currency offers amount in a very short span of time if properly invested. One time investment of time can bring a huge amount of money to an individual, id an individual properly knows the stock market and crypto values. Therefore quick access to money can be the most attracted reason.




Types of cryptocurrency


There square measure many sorts of Cryptocurrency that square measure enforced in several platforms together with Cryptocurrency in social networks, Cryptocurrency in social games, loyalty points and Cryptocurrency in peer-to-peer networks. These platforms are often classified into 2 main classes, centralized cryptocurrency platforms and decentralised cryptocurrency platforms. The centralized cryptocurrency is often outlined as a Cryptocurrency system that incorporates a centralized repository that’s the same as the financial institution. The administrator of that repository has full management of transferring the Cryptocurrency worth between persons or from one location to a different. The decentralised cryptocurrency are often outlined because the Cryptocurrency system that has no centralized repository and has no single administrator.


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