6 Unexplored Places In India You Must Definitely Visit This Year


Here we give a list of 6 unknown places in India. These places will leave you confused with their untouched beauty. Here is a list of the best unknown places in India which have a surprise for everybody to indulge in. All of these places gave you a great time exploring their hidden gems. So, quick check the below list that will make your own itinerary from these best unknown locations in India. 

Kashmir: Gurez Valley

The sound of gushing rivers, breathing backdrops, surreal landscapes, and its cool air are making the place more beautiful. However, the wonderful sight of fields and shepherds feels like a scene out of Bambi. It is a location well thought out. “The Line Of Control” makes the spot one of the most protected lands in India. Yes, it is safe to visit this place. September is the greatest time to visit this place as the weather and air are most enjoyable and welcoming at that time.   

Uttarakhand: Kanatal

This place is just over 80 km away from Dehradun. This place is really little helmet for the romantics. This wonderful place is full of romance with stunning views and warmth. The place has hospitable hotels and restaurants like rincon puerto rico restaurants. Kanatal has special terrace stays that are perfect for visitors. However, April to June is the best time to visit that place. The most attractive view in Kanatal is Tehri Dam and the Surkanda Devi Temple. 

Arunachal Pradesh: Damro

Damro is well known as the longest hanging bridge in Arunachal Pradesh. The bridge is like a hidden route to heaven. That place was fascinated with covering bamboo houses. The palace is popular for the laid-back lifestyle of the locals. For exhausted city dwellers, the place is a rural sort of a getaway among the list of unexplored places in India. The sight of the gathered crops and the vast stretches of meadows and grasslands make the place more pleasing and beautiful. We prefer that October is the best time to visit that place. 

Darjeeling: Sandakfu

The place is called the peak of the deadly plants. It is called that name because of a particularly poisonous wolfsbane plant. Where the poisonous plant naturally grows near the peak. In India, that place is well popular as the most dangerous spot. Sandakfu is the most elevated peak in Darjeeling. The most attractive thing to view is Tumling, Meghma, Phalut, and more. However, April to May and October to December are the best time to visit that place. 

Jharkhand: Amadubi

Amadubi is a beautiful village in Jharkhand. The place is well known for its skilled Patkar paintings and Chitrakars. This beautiful place is home to many artists. However, the village has much to offer from rustic huts to local dinners that are saturated with the fragrance of original rice, colorful festivals like Parab and Dansai, traditional dances, and many more. Some of the best collections of the village are Mithila sarees, Patkar paintings, the region’s rich art, and Dokra craft which is the main grab of this village. Jayanti Sarovar is the best attraction to visit in Amadubi.    

Chhattisgarh: Mainpat 

The temples of Mainpat are really unexplored by many people. Mainpat has one of the most beautiful unseen places. You may not have heard of a large Tibetan settlement except Dharamshala in India. But the temples of that place are truly unexplored for you. Mainpat is home to Thakpo Shedupling Monastery which is built in 1970 and is an important interest here. The best attractions to travel inn Mainpat are Parpatiya Sunset Point and the Mercury Falls. Therefore October to March is the best time to visit that place.

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