What Can I Do To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS077 ?

Are you updating payroll tax tables? Do you have problems with QuickBooks? Are you experiencing QuickBooks Error Code PS077? Problems related to Error PS077 QuickBooks fall into this category. Users often encounter this issue. If it is a basic error, it must be easy to fix, wouldn’t it? As the odds are in your favor, this is an easy problem to resolve, but you will need help.

We provide this service solely to solve your problems and we will communicate with you about the best way to eliminate them. Follow these steps to fix QuickBooks Error PS077. Let’s check it together.  

What is Error PS077 QuickBooks?

In QuickBooks Desktop, the ps077 error usually occurs when payroll updates are downloaded. Quickbooks displays a message saying “we have encountered a payroll error” if it cannot update payroll tax tables.

As a result of payroll errors, users are unable to update the tax-table and QuickBooks cannot perform certain operations.

QuickBooks Error Code PS077: Reasons & Causes  

QuickBooks Error PS077 may occur for various reasons. Here are some of them:

  • QuickBooks payroll programs may have corrupted tax-table files.
  • There may be an error in billing information.
  • Damaged or corrupted company files in QuickBooks.
  • This version of QuickBooks is unregistered.
  • QuickBooks cannot read the registered data and information.
  • The payroll information is incorrect.

Triggers to Identify QuickBooks PS077 Error

The indicators listed below will alert QuickBooks error PS077 users when their systems are experiencing the issue. They are listed below.

  • Quickbooks stops working and freezes.
  • Your system has slow response time.
  • The desktop is dotted with messages related to Error PS077. 
  • It is not possible to update tax tables.
  • Updates for Payroll cannot be downloaded.  

Repair QuickBooks Error PS077: 3 Easy & Quick Methods

For different types of Windows users, we have listed three general solutions. Furthermore, you can use these solutions to resolve QuickBooks 15XXX series problems, including QuickBooks Update Error 15106, QuickBooks Error 15222, etc. Learn more below.

Method 1: QuickBooks Update

  • Check your QuickBooks license information. You must have the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • The account billing information, such as the billing dates, must be verified in QuickBooks payroll software or service.
  • You can create and verify QuickBooks data from the File menu by selecting the option Utilities.
  • The QBs payroll update must be downloaded after disabling User Account Control in Microsoft Windows 7 & 8.

Method 2: Payroll Window Shut Down

  • Log off QuickBooks first.
  • Additionally, please close all open payroll system windows.
  • By holding down the Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons together, you can access the task manager and check that all windows are closed.
  • Lastly, download QuickBooks payroll and restart QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 3: QuickBooks Version Reinstall

There are two possible scenarios for this solution to fix QuickBooks Error PS077.

  • A QuickBooks user who only uses one version of the program.
  • If the user uses multiple versions of QuickBooks. 
In this particular case, this is a universal solution for fixing errors like QuickBooks Update Error 15106, QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error, etc. 
1st Case: QB Single Version

You must follow the steps below if you are using one version of QuickBooks. 

  • The first thing you should do is backup the company file.
  • Shut down all background programs.
  • Moreover, for each user on your system, open the Run program and follow the instructions.
Windows XP & 7
  • Whether you are an administrator or not, tap the Start button first.
  • Next, select Accessories from All Programs.
  • Click Run to finish.
Windows 8 
  • Navigate to the Windows System tab.
  • To proceed, tap the Start screen.
  • To continue, you must do a right-click on the tab background for all the apps.
  • Lastly, click Run.
Windows Vista
  • To get started, click the Start button. 
  • Click on the Search button. 
  • Now you can type Run into the Search box and hit Enter.

You will now see a Run window on your screen

  • Type up Control Panel & hit Enter. 
  • Double-tap the program and feature options.
  • Following that, a list of all the software and programs installed on your computer is displayed.
  • You can remove QuickBooks Desktop programs by selecting them.
  • Windows XP offers Change/Remove, while Windows Vista offers Uninstall/Change.
  • The QuickBooks Wizard will appear.
  • Select Remove, then click Next.
2nd Case: QB Multiple Version 

If the user is running multiple versions of QuickBooks on their system, they should perform a clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop. Below are the steps. 

  • Prior to resetting QuickBooks updates for multiple versions, ensure all additional installations have been removed.
  • Also, a payroll tax table needs to be downloaded.
  • Organize the list again and click Verify Data/Rebuild Data Process.
  • Using selective startup mode, perform a Clean Uninstall/Reinstall.

The Bottom Line

We have compiled a support guide for all QuickBooks users looking for solutions to the ps077 error. Our team hopes that you have been able to follow the troubleshooting methods easily and no longer have any issues. We believe we have been as helpful as possible.

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