What is “content://com.android.browser.home/”


content://com.android.browser.home/” is basically a syntax which represents an address to modify or switch the original homepage settings of the default browser in any android device. 

Basically, when you are browsing your internet on your Smartphone, it has some preset homepage settings which are represented by this. Every Smartphone comes with a default browser such as mostly in android phones people use Google chrome as their default browser. There are multiple browsers available these days such as Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge etc.  However, you can always change the homepage settings for your browser. 

So, here in this blog we are going to talk about 

How to use this syntax “Content://com.android.browser.home/” to set up a custom homepage for your web browser

Lets see how it works! So, we all know that to access a website we have a particular web address for it or in other words we can say a path that represents the address. Likewise, it is not a web address but a path that can take you to your directory in your own smartphone i.e. locates folders within your own device. 

So, to simply further just notice one thing. We are having three major parts of it. These are:

  • content://
  • com.android.browser.
  • .Home

First part i.e. “content://” represents the content that you’re looking for in the directory

Second part i.e. “com.android.browser.”  represents the android package you’re working with. Just for instance here it represents your default web browser.

Third part i.e. “.home” represents the home directory i.e. the home location which is your current default webpage.

So in order to access this syntax first you need to check that the browser you are using has been set as default browser. If it is not your default browser you will receive an error message saying “ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND”. Don’t worry! Just do this

  • Open Settings and check for Apps menu
  • Then in Apps menu select option “Default apps” from top right corner pull down menu(three dots).
  • Now check for browser app and set the default browser.
  • Save the settings and return to the browser.

Now you’re all done!

If in case you’re still seeing any error e.g. error saying ‘404 NOT FOUND’ then your android browser doesn’t have the permission to access the content.

I hope you get an idea of what is “Content com android browser home/

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