What is the Long Division?

When you study mathematics, division is one of the arithmetic operations which is used mostly. You might have used various different techniques or ways of division but when you divide a large number, that is when the process of long division comes into play. This process or method is the same as the regular methods of divisions, the dividend is being divided by the divisor giving a quotient with a remainder value but the only difference is the number ( large ). In this article, we will try to cover a large number of topics related to long division such as the steps of doing long division, some important terms related to this type of division, and do a detailed analysis about them.

Some Important Terms related To Long Division

A method of dividing a large number to get an answer is known as the long division method. While we perform the process of the long division method, there is a formation of an equation known as the long division equation. For example, when we divide 80 by 6 we get 80 = 6 * 12 + 8 where 80 is the dividend, 6 is the divisor, 12 is the quotient and 8 is the remainder. The following points mentioned below analyses the definition of thee steps in a brief way;

  1. The number which is being divided is known as a dividend. As mentioned above, 80 is the dividend.
  2. The number which is used to divide the dividend is known as the divisor. As mentioned above, 6 is the divisor.
  3. The resultant value that we get after a limit of a specific number has been reached for the dividend is known as the quotient, here the quotient is 12.
  4. The remaining or the number left after the process of division has been completed is known as the remainder. For example, 8 was the remainder for the above-given equation.

Let us take the help of one more example in order to understand this topic in a detailed manner;

Example: 90 divided by 8?

Now, when we divide 90 by 8, the equation will be as follow, 90 = 8 * 11 + 2. 

Here, 90 is the dividend.

8 is the divisor.

11 is the quotient.

2 is the remainder.

Steps of Doing Long Division

Division is one of the basic arithmetic operations amongst the other three arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. In the next paragraph, we will try to learn how to perform the long division method. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, take the first digit from the left for the dividend, you must check that the dividend is equal to or higher than the divisor. 
  2. Secondly, divide the dividend by the divisor and write the answer in the right-most corner as the quotient.
  3. After doing the first two methods, you will find a number smaller than the dividend, subtract the number from the dividend and write the answer as remainder.
  4. You may perform the same process again and again until the remainder comes 0. 

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