When and how to feed your cat?


Feeding your cat properly is important for maintaining its health and healthy lifestyle. She needs nutritious food that she needs and that respects her diet. Inside, eating is a fun and exciting tradition that does not reflect social relations as a dog. When and how to feed your cat? Find answers in this purring article!

Time to feed your cat?

The cat likes to eat small portions during the day. There’s no need to put in regular hours as a dog because tomcats eat 10 to 16 small squirrels over a 24-hour cycle. So much for a writer who wants to work for food.

However, since not all cats know how to give themselves, it is recommended that you share a daily dose every day. Of course, being self-employed does not mean that a cat should eat at will, otherwise it can quickly suffer from obesity. Prepare his daily portion according to the instructions given by the manufacturer and give it to him often. This shared distribution helps the animal to govern itself and to govern itself properly.

Be careful, though, not to fall into the trap of extremes! Reading your pet too much can strengthen it and cause it to become overweight all the time for fear of scarcity. Trust him to teach you, from childhood, to give himself. And choose foods that are high quality, low in fat, and balanced better than low prices! Your cat needs to eat less to satisfy its appetite.

How to feed your cat?

How many?

Your cat needs an equal share of food. On average, it requires 40 to 50 grams of diet per kilogram of body weight. Thus, this data may vary depending on the type of electronics selected and the type.

What foods?

A proper Cat Breakfast diet consists of 50% cooked meat or fish, 20% dishes of cereals, 20% cooked vegetables, and 10% vitamin supplements and fats. To respect this standard, here are a few suggestions available to you:

  • Homemade food: this is great, but you will soon realize that preparing a healthy and balanced diet for your cat every day takes time and effort! You can get bored quickly. If you can’t afford to spend your time wisely on it, just protect yourself and rely on quality ready-made food, because you run the risk of not providing what it needs.
  • Croquettes: simple, practical, easy to deliver – especially if you use a vending machine – all good. Therefore, it is important that you choose the type of cover for your daily diet that builds and respects your health.
  • Mash: it is recommended that you do not abuse it, but it does work for older tomcats who have difficulty chewing, watering a cat drinking less, or giving medicine with caution. However, here again, consider the character!

Which way?

The cat values ​​staying. If he likes to eat, he is more likely to like to eat the same thing. Variety is not his skill. So if you want to please him, respect his conduct and avoid changing his menu regularly; you risk displeasing him, confusing him, and above all causing him digestive problems.

If you want to change your diet, especially to switch from mash to kibble or to a better type of kibble type, it is not recommended to make changes immediately. The cat needs to be flexible and gradually adapt to the new environment. Otherwise, you can refuse, because he does not know his daily diet, or irregular digestion because his body has to get used to some formula. To do this, mix two 50/50 blends, then lower the cake until you give it a new formula.

Do not give him hot or cold food, he appreciates moderate food. If you serve him mash (in small amounts), make sure he eats it quickly; if he does not finish it, throw the other one after three hours so that it does not leave it lying hot.

Water is important for cats. It is an animal that drinks less, so it should be given to it in its diet, either by choosing mash (from time to time and reasonably) or by making its own food.

On the other hand, never give your leftover food to your pet. Cats do not have the same needs as you and human diets are often salty and unbalanced to meet the needs of their body.

Where to feed your cat?

The location of your cat’s plate is very important for its proper balance. Put it properly in a cool and clean place… and above all away from rubbish! Most owners usually cram bowls and “toilets” in a small area, but this is a mistake, as cats feel very smelly. Really, would you like to eat in your own toilet? Also, remember to wash your dishes regularly.

To please your pet and encourage him to do some exercise, put his plate up; indeed, a cat wants to hunt and eat its prey dominating its small world.

Lastly, be aware that contrary to popular belief, your cat will not catch you for food! The tomcat is a tradition and cuddles part of his day. In addition, your caress releases her endorphins, the hormones of happiness, which stimulate her appetite! So it is not surprising that he comes to you for a hug at a certain time and that these moments of compassion begin at his meal!

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