Why Am I Not Getting Emails From Godaddy Webmail?

Godaddy Webmail

To check if you have a GoDaddy POP or IMAP email address, follow the steps in their Help Centre by clicking here. Once you’ve successfully set up your GoDaddy webmail account, you’ll no doubt want to send an email at some point. To set up a GoDaddy webmail account, you’ll create an email address in the Workspace Control Centre.   

Now that your GoDaddy Webmail email account is set up, it’s highly recommended that you add a backup email address. If you are unable to receive or view emails on your GoDaddy email account, it may be because your device’s firewall settings are preventing your GoDaddy’s Workspace webmail account from working properly. You can also adjust your firewall, security software, or browser settings to allow pop-ups from GoDaddy’s Workspace webmail. In cases where you are unable to send or receive messages, you must first ensure that your firewall settings are not interfering with the GoDaddy email client or preventing the Workspace from working effectively.    

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If you receive an email in your webmail but not in your email client application, you need to check the settings in your email application to make sure they match the settings in your hosting account. If you’ve enabled 2-Step Verification for your GoDaddy email account, but it’s Godaddy not working and you’re not receiving your codes, you need to check this table for a few issues and their respective solutions. From login issues, error codes, problems sending and receiving emails, there is a wide range of issues that affect the user experience with GoDaddy webmail. Not being able to send or receive emails while using a GoDaddy account can be a difficult situation as it affects your daily email flow.  

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To be precise, while GoDaddy handles its customers’ mail through only one centralized mail system, it’s quite common for users to experience intermittent GoDaddy email outages, slowdown issues such as GoDaddy mail not loading and unable to send and receive GoDaddy emails to your respective email account. Misconfigured server settings can create several issues when using your GoDaddy email account with Outlook. GoDaddy’s workspace is likely to be affected by programs such as a firewall, browser security tool for ad blocking, pop-up blocker, and others, since programs such as a firewall can crash with email platforms such as GoDaddy.    

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ISPs have mandated the use of DKIM and SPF records on all mail servers, causing some older GoDaddy mail clients to be recognized as spam and not properly configured. When ISPs cracked down and required DKIM and SPF records to be present on all mail servers, emails from some old Godaddy clients were immediately flagged as spam because they were reconfigured.    

For GoDaddy, select the “Other” option at the bottom of the “Email Provider” drop-down menu. With GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365, not only can you access your email via webmail, but you can also set it up with an email client like Outlook or Mail.

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