Why Has the Demand for Kratom Skyrocketed?

Kratom is currently in the glory of popularity. For some time now, this tropical tree has been drawing many people’s attention because of its rich history and beneficial properties.

The kratom tree originates from Southeast Asia. People from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea have been using the magical properties of this herb to enhance their lifestyle, improve productivity, and boost energy levels since the 19th century. 

This plant came to Western culture in the late 1990s, and people didn’t know much about it. At first, everyone was skeptical and thought kratom was another marketing ploy to make money. However, once many tried it and learned more about its therapeutic properties, they changed their opinion.

Today, kratom is one of the best-selling products online, and the demand for this plant is higher than ever. So, let’s see why things have changed and what makes this herb the most popular natural supplement nowadays. 

More and more kratom vendors

A couple of years ago, few kratom vendors were on the market because people had no interest in starting a kratom business. The vendor range was poor, and kratom enthusiasts could order their portions only from a few different sellers.

No vendors, such as Mitragaia, tested their products and delivered quality services to their customers. However, that has changed significantly. People realized that the potential of kratom was terrific, and now we have dozens of reliable and trustworthy vendors on the market. 

With the rise in the number of vendors, the kratom market expanded, and the demand for this natural supplement has reached significant growth. Customers now have more choices, and some even have their favorite kratom supplier. 

Expanded product offerings

A few years ago, there were merely a few vendors on the market, so the product offer range was also limited. The only two products most vendors offered were tea-packed bags and regular kratom powder.  

This plant has a peculiar taste and smell, especially true for powder. Luckily, there are more and more kratom vendors, and the product offering has also expanded. Most vendors today offer various and unique products. 

Kratom is now available in different forms, and you can consume it in many ways. Alongside traditional herb powder, people can choose kratom liquids, extracts, edibles, and gummies. They can even enjoy a fantastic palette of kratom strains that were unavailable to consumers only a few years ago.

The high supply causing a significant price drop

Before the market expanded, kratom prices were very high. As already mentioned, this plant originates from Southeast Asian countries, and it can’t grow in the Western world without a tropical climate. That’s why the supply of this plant used to be pretty low. 

Kratom travels halfway around the world during shipment before reaching its final delivery destination. Naturally, the prices have to be higher. However, since people went crazy for this herb, procurement prices have dropped significantly.

Due to the increasing demand, vendors order larger quantities from suppliers. As a result, suppliers offer lower prices and bulk discounts. That’s how vendors can reduce prices and provide cheaper but still high-quality products. With lower prices, the demand only continues to increase.

Consumers learning more about kratom

Although kratom has been on the market for years, people have had poor knowledge of this mystical tropical plant. The only thing most consumers knew was the origin of this herb. There were neither studies nor too many people consuming kratom, so there wasn’t much relevant information online.

Luckily, that time has passed. Today, people can get information about kratom around every corner. There are a million different blogs, discussions, studies, and vendors on the internet that inform people about the specifications of this popular supplement.

Kratom has many unique therapeutic, wellness, and potential health benefits. It can help people sleep better, relieve pain, reduce mood swings, boost energy, and balance the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many doctors have even started prescribing kratom as an alternative treatment for opioid withdrawal.

Consumers are no longer so skeptical about the effects and properties of this plant because more and more people from their environment use kratom as a regular daily boost.


The demand for kratom has skyrocketed in the past several years, and experts predict it will double in the next few years. That seems like a realistic scenario, given that people are just now discovering the therapeutic potential of this plant.

Have you already tried kratom? Feel free to share your experiences with us. 

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