Why jogging burns so little fat

Until recently it was thought that this sensation was produced by endorphins, opiates produced by the brain and that mitigate pain. However, this feeling of euphoria has less to do with heroin and more to do with marijuana. The most accepted explanation now is that it is produced by endocannabinoids, specifically one called anandamide, whose levels rise in the blood of someone who has just gone for a run. This has been verified so far in mice and it is assumed that the mechanism is the same in humans.

But even when this ecstasy is achieved in sneakers, 메이저사이트 has beneficial effects on the brain. A review of over a hundred studies found the following effects:

  • anxiety reduction
  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Why jogging burns so little fat

Running, like any other physical activity, has huge benefits when compared to eating chips sitting on the couch. However, it is a very ineffective way to lose fat.

The traditional recipe for weight loss is “eat less and move more,” but this rule doesn’t work mathematically. If we cut calories, it also lowers our basal metabolism , the energy we consume at rest, because the body protects itself by thinking that we are going to starve and clings to its fat reserves. In addition, the brain tries to reduce any type of physical activity, especially the so-called NEAT, that is, moving during the day in activities that are not exercise, such as getting up from a chair or walking.

But if we still force ourselves to jog for 40 minutes every day,

this will most likely have minimal impact on our waistline. It has long been measured that during light to moderate exercise, such as running, the body is using mostly muscle glycogen, and very little of the fat in our waist .

If we take the accounts of the calories consumed, a person of 70 kilos running at 9 kilometers per hour for 40 minutes consumes about 350 kcal. Bearing in mind that if she were sitting she would consume 100 kcal, that represents an extra 250 kcal, that is, the equivalent of four maria biscuits. The pasta dish before or the burger after can negate any calorie deficit with amazing ease. As if that were not enough, running makes you hungry. Moderate exercises stimulate the appetite significantly more than intense ones.

Which is the solution then?

To mobilize the body’s fat reserves, an essential condition must be met: having low insulin. This occurs when we are not eating carbohydrates or proteins, which increase insulin in the blood. With high insulin, fat cells cannot release it into the bloodstream to use for fuel.

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