5 Best Tools Used by Nashville Family Dentistry

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Dental cleaning and maintenance are an essential part of our lives to smile well. Everyone faces some troubles with their teeth, like they may decay, discolor, or gums may swell. To protect you from all these oral and dental diseases, dentists use different tools. Here are the five best tools used by Nashville family dentistry to sort out your issues.


A scalar is a tool used to remove plaque or tartar from your teeth. When you drink or eat, small food particles stick to your teeth. Bacteria grow on these particles and break down carbohydrates in food into acids. When mixed up with the remaining food particles and saliva, they cause dental problems such as broken teeth, swollen gums, bad breath, etc. These bacteria also cause the discoloration of teeth and tartar formation. The best dentist in Nashville used this tool to break down tartar or plaque during teeth cleaning.

Sickle Probe

Sickle probes are devices that look terrifying as a sharp hook is attached with a long handle. Dentists use these tools to examine a patient’s mouth to see the cavities, holes, or pockets between the teeth. They use this equipment to remove the plaque or tartar from the teeth. Although a scaler is used to remove tartar, the sickle probe is also used by dentists to remove a small amount of tartar. Tartar is the result of bacterial infections that can discolor your teeth. This tool is not pleasant for you, but it’s useful to you.

Mouth Mirror

A mouth mirror is a tool that dentists least use. But it has its importance as it is useful to examine your mouth. It helps in allowing an indirect examination, reflecting light from the targeted surfaces, and detecting soft tissues. It shows those parts of the mouth that are not directly visible. The big advantage of it is that it allows you to push down your tongue inside your cheeks rather than doing it with your hands. It makes it easier to examine the mouth to see gums problems or tooth decay.

Dental Drill 

The scariest tool in all the dentistry equipment is the dental drill because it sounds terrible. Although it sounds creepy, it cannot hurt your mouth or teeth. It is a high-speed drill used to shape the teeth or remove the tooth decay before teeth filling or crowning. The best dentist in Nashville uses it to drill the holes in your teeth to prepare for filling. During drilling, it ejects water into your mouth; if it doesn’t use water, then it will be so hot that it hurts your mouth.


Your dentists must get molds for your mouth whenever you need filling, cap, or crown to your teeth. There is no need to fear these, though small frames are filled with some soft substances. The dentist places it into your mouth to provide you with a perfect frame for your teeth when you bite these. Although the taste of this material is not good, you have to tolerate it for a few seconds. Some dentists also use well-flavored molds for kids of all ages.

To Wrap it Up!

These are the top 5 best tools that Nashville family dentistry uses to maintain or clean your teeth. These help in your dental cleaning, aligning your teeth, etc. Dentists use this equipment to remove plaque or tartars in order to protect you from oral and dental diseases as microorganisms can transfer from your mouth to your stomach and cause too many complications. Thus, maintaining your oral health is necessary for your healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do dentists use to remove your teeth?

Dentists use elevators or extraction forceps to grasp or apply pressure on your teeth for removal. They use this equipment to help in getting and pulling the teeth. In the tooth removal procedure, the best dentist in Nashville first loosened the tooth with a kit that is known as an elevator. Then by using forceps, dentists can remove the tooth. Forceps are small devices available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Dental doctors have these tools in different varieties that can fit into your tooth and help easy tooth removal.

What are all the tools that dentists use?

All tools used by doctors in dentistry are mouth mirrors, dental probes, dental syringes, anesthetic, dental drills, spoon excavators, scalers, burnishers, etc. These tools help with a dental cleaning, breaking down the tartar or plaque from your teeth, and filling the gaps or cavities. Cleaning and maintaining teeth is an essential part of our life. As teeth help beautify you, broken teeth can ruin your look. Dentists use some tools like burnisher to smoothen and polish your teeth. All these tools are easily available at low prices and quality.

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