6 Fun and Learning Gaming Platforms for Kids


Who doesn’t want to play games these days? Everyone does! But when it comes to kids especially, they seem to be much more into gaming than any adult human being. Have you ever thought of turning the gaming time of your kids into something fruitful for them? Then we are here to help!

In this tech-savvy world, game-based learning platforms are being introduced to enhance learner engagement and productivity by incorporating gaming elements into a profound training strategy.

However, having so many gaming platforms being readily available on the web can leave you confused as to which one would suit best for your needs.

Considering this problem, our experts pondered upon this topic. They managed to narrow down some of the best fun and learning gaming platforms for kids that will not only work on their educational skills but would also provide a profound gaming experience to them!

1.  Unlimited Gamez Mo

On the off chance that you are looking for general gameplay and a massive library of fun games, then Unlimited Gamez Mo is the place where you need to be.

What counts to be the best part of this gaming platform is that it provides its subscribers with a wide range of fun and educational games that attracts anyone who plays them.

Moreover, the subscription-based games present over the web unlock the doors of a safe and scam-free gaming experience for kids out there. Playing gaming over Unlimited Gamez Mo simply means that you and your kids will always remain safe from attracting any sort of Malware, cyberbullying, or any other internet hazard.

Talking about the subscription fee, well, you don’t need to worry about it as it happens to be super affordable. Since you get to play a vast den of games without paying a few dollars, we think that this would surely be the best gaming platform that you will ever come across.

2.  Kahoot

For someone who is hunting for a gaming platform related to quizzes and other related things, then Kahoot would surely be the best option they would have on their hands.

In terms of stats, Kahoot is among the most popular game-based learning platforms with about 70 million monthly activeusers and comprises over 2.5 billion people – that too from more than 200 countries.

Kahoot features visually appealing gamification elements that maximize the engagement level of the game and ensure higher completion rates among learners

The best part about this website is that it allows the kids to attempt game-based quizzes in the form of a team or a group. Hence, if you know that your child would be least interested in participating in quizzes alone, you can have him appear in the examination with a bunch of his friends!

Now you can guess how fantastic this platform would be for your kids.

3.  EdApp

The next most extensive game-based learning option we have on our list is none other than EdApp.

This is a platform that integrates numerous engagement elements that helps you to enhance your kid’s course completion rates – while maintaining a practical learning experience for your kid that you’ve always desired.

What counts to be the best part of this game-based learning platform is its feature Micro learning technology. This happens to be the platform’s one of the core strategies that breaks down the training courses, in short, bite-sized modules to ensure learning with fun.

This platform also comprises a scoring system that keeps track of the score that your ward is achieving.

This is the best possible way to boost the morale of your kids. Whenever your kid receives a good score, tap on his back and encourage him to do better. The longer you do this, the more productive results you will see in your child.

For people with kids under ten, this is the best educational gaming platform for you!

4.  Gametize

Though there are multiple premium game-based learning platforms available on the web, it’s still normal for not to be able to select any of them. This is where you feel the slackness of having your own gamified content. But not any longer, as Gametize has the perfect solution for you.

Gametize happens to be an enterprise-grading-based learning platform that enables parents or teachers to develop their own gamified content. This can quickly be done by choosing a vast pre-made gaming library that is loaded with numerous viable options for an individual to create a game for his kid.

Like EdApp, Gametize also features the usage of leaderboards, badges, and rewards that prove to be an effective way of driving motivation and self-confidence in a child and help the parents in bringing up their children in a profitable way.

If you are a concerned parent who’s looking for results in a short span, you should give a try to Gametize for sure!

5.  DimensionU

One of the ugliest things that we all may have gone through in our childhood was dealing with daily homework. However, do you guys remember what was the second most disliked thing back then? If your guess is Maths, then you are absolutely correct.

Mathematics is a subject that has been out of the league – well, for most people. However, you can save your ward from dealing with the hardship of maths by signing up to DimensionU.

This platform comes in handy with attractive and appealing user interference that keeps a kid intact with the site for a prolonged time. Kids of grades three till nine can quickly learn maths over this platform via the help of flashcards, quizzes, and a lot more.

The best part is that this game-based learning platform is absolutely free for the entire 2022 – which means 12 months of learning for free.

Considering the features this platform comes with, we are sure that your ward will be spending a productive time here!

6.  Gimkit

You must have heard the phrase that says that “only the person who has gone through the hardships can create a solution that will serve the entire humanity” – and guess what? This phrase here pitches perfectly when we tell you about Gym Kit. 

Gimkit is a game-based learning platform that a student himself designed. This platform shows a classroom simulation that engages the students perfectly well.

In this platform, children can earn in-game cash prizes by answering simple questions currently – and then can use this cash to upgrade their profile. The more upgraded a profile would be, the cooler a kid would sound. Pretty interesting, right?

The multiplayer mode present over the platform also allows your kid to play the game over the venue with his friends.

In short, Gimkit comes in handy with every possible desire that you may have from a game-based learning platform!

Final Word 

Web-based games indeed turn out to be a treasure trove of learning opportunities – that too by covering a vast variety of content areas, numerous ranges of age, and different sets of skill levels.

We treat the kids out there just like ours and sincerely want the best for them – which is why we can assure you that the game-based learning sites we have mentioned above are the best in their own way.

Go through the reviews thoroughly, and pick one that goes best with your taste and personnel preference. It’s about time to pay attention to the premium upbringing of our kids, and these fun learning platforms are the best way to get started!




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