7 Hotels in Madinah That Let You Experience the Best of the Holy City

Madinah, also known as The Radiant City, is a beautiful desert city in the heart of Saudi Arabia. With its religious significance only next to Makkah, Madinah has much to offer to guests of the Islamic religion. There is Al-Masjid al-Nabawi or the Prophet’s Mosque. The world’s oldest mosque, the Quba Mosque, and the Green Dome housing Prophet Muhammad’s tomb are also situated here. Most of the top hotels in Madinah are situated near these holy sites, so you may wake up to the call to prayer from a muezzin, stroll to the Prophet’s Mosque, or look over it from your room.

Not just that, these hotels are known around the world for their grand hospitality. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ranked one of the top nations that offer extraordinary opulence and luxury. Not just Saudi, in fact, the entire Middle East is quite well-known for its grandeur. Therefore booking at these hotels is a wise choice for those who are in the mood for a luxury vacation. For pilgrims and religious tourists, the hotels in Madinah offer the best views and vibes.

Why is Madinah a Popular Pilgrimage Site?

There are great cultural traditions that set this city apart from the rest. It is said that Prophet Mohammad left the city of Makkah and shifted to Madinah. He spent the latter part of his life in this city, where he established a free state for Muslims. The people in the city are friendly and hospitable and follow the teachings of the Prophet. People also believe that here he got some final revelations from Allah. Muslims believe that prayer offered here is never rejected, making Madinah a high-priority Muslim pilgrimage site.

Facilities Offered by Top Hotels in Madinah

Madinah has a wide range of accommodation options. This is because tourists from across the globe throng the city because of its importance in Islamic tradition. Thanks to the King’s Vision 2030, there has been a huge development in hospitality in the city over the years. Some of the megaprojects of Saudi have given Madinah a new look where infrastructure and tourism are top priorities of the government. The hotels developed in this region provide all the modern amenities and excellent services to the guests. Some of the important services provided by most of the hotels are currency exchange services, pickup and drop to the airport, daily housekeeping, etc. 

Here are some top hotels in Madinah where you can book your stay:

Pullman Zamzam Madinah: Situated at the Al Gmoh road, this extravagant hotel is close to the Quba Mosque and the Uhud mountain. It has more than 800 rooms adorned with Islamic art. There are huge arched windows that let the natural light in. The hotel highlights a high level of hospitality and will welcome you with a pot of Arabic coffee and fresh Madinah dates.

Shaza-Al-Madinah: Talking about the top hotels near the mosque, Shaza-Al-Madina is among the best Madinah hotels. The rooms of the hotel are equipped with all the conveniences and luxury. There is free WIFI, ATM, cash trade office, etc. Some elite suite rooms additionally offer a sacred masjid view. The rooms are spacious, clean, air-conditioned, and contain a kitchen and microwave. It offers elite foods and luscious dishes of Middle Eastern culture.

Dar-Al-Taqwa: Located close to the mosque’s entry, this 5-star hotel is just 15 min drive from Madinah airport. The hotel gives different conveniences to the guests. The hotel is located close to the shopping arcades and the commercial center. The lavish rooms at the inn are beautifully decorated and air-conditioned.

Crown Plaza Madinah: The fab hotel is constructed at King Faisal Road and sits right above the mosque. It offers warm accommodation to pioneers and sightseers. The staff is extremely hospitable and offers to greet its visitors. Crown Plaza offers numerous conveniences that incorporate free Wi-Fi, club offers, sweeping gathering rooms, and various feasting choices going from Chinese to the mainland at the Al Rawadah café.

Madinah Hilton: With rose marbled bathrooms and ornate hanging lamps, the Madinah Hilton is one of the highly sophisticated hotels in Madinah. Delectable Arabian dishes are served at the Madinah Restaurant. Sweet-toothed guests are recommended to try out the Um Ali dessert, a cinnamon pastry filled with nuts, cream, and raisins.

Crowne Plaza Madinah: Situated within walking distance from the Prophet’s Mosque, this hotel provides shuttle services to take guests to the mosque entrance. There is an on-site business center and five boardrooms available for meetings or conference use.

Bosphorus Hotel: This hotel is suitable for larger parties or families. There are triple, quadruple, and economical twin rooms available and connected double rooms. The famous Old Bazaar is less than a kilometer away for visitors who want to take a few souvenirs home. The hotel is a budget hotel and would be suitable for most guests.

How can one make their Madinah trip more memorable?

The city of Madinah boasts a vibrant array of shopping complexes, art galleries, and restaurants. Rolling hills surround the city. The moonlight gets captured here and makes it look like a magical Arabian land. During their visit to Madinah, people can explore all the sites of historical and religious significance. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi is one of the most important landmarks in the city of Madinah. Visiting this mosque is a larger-than-life dream of Muslims across the world. Mount Uhud is located north of Madinah. It holds a special place for followers of Islam and is extremely visited during Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. Hence, one visiting Madinah should visit Mount Uhud on their visit to Madinah. There are contemporary malls like the Al Noor Mall and the Rashed Mall. These malls have a huge range of stores, brand stores, and restaurants. While you ponder which hotel in Madinah should you book your stay in, consider the connectivity with all these beautiful places, which would make your Madinah trip much more memorable. It is the second holiest city in the world and its charm is unbeatable. Visit the Prophet’s city and experience its inherent divinity.

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