7 Logic to Restore to an Instagram Business Profile

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Oh, the old days of Instagram where(Buy Facebook Followers UK) images could be only square, and video was not allowed … Today, we have Carousels Stories, stories, posts that are promoted, and much more. A lot has changed.

Another recent feature on Instagram is the appearance of corporate profiles. Instagram personal and business profiles differ in many ways. Those who began with personal profiles for their business might be asking, “Should I switch to an Instagram business profile?”

What are the significant differences between them?

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  1. Analytics Access

In the first place, those who manage personal profiles can’t view in the app what their posts are doing.

When you upgrade to a business profile, you’ll be able to track the growth of your followers in the application (instead of manually recording it using the spreadsheet).


There’s a gender split, the number of followers by age group, the top cities, etc. (You can read the complete list of metrics that Instagram publishes data for here.)

Instagram’s insights section displays information in easy charts (such as bar and pie charts) to quickly assess the state of affairs.

Instagram Analytics: Top locations, age range, gender breakdown, follower growth

  1. Add an Action Button

When you upgrade to an Instagram professional profile, you can let users use a contact form for you. This is in addition to the URL you include in your bio.

There are many options for linking an email account, phone number, or postal address.

Email addresses will allow their email application, allowing them to write an email, and calling the address will activate the phone’s calling feature. The address can be displayed in the default maps app for the user. “Message” will also show up and allows users to DM you.

Instagram Business Profile Action Buttons

There are many more possibilities you have available. You can create an action button that connects you to Eventbrite, Grubhub, Yelp, and other online services.

Let’s hope that Instagram offers more options shortly.

Instagram Action Buttons

  1. Advertise and Promote Posts

You can place advertisements on Instagram by using a company profile. If you’re thinking of putting some funds towards growing your business on Instagram, You might want to think about making the switch to a professional profile.

Advertising can be successful when utilized with care. Check out how Ben & Jerry’s used Instagram ads to boost advertising recall and raise awareness of a new flavor.

Did you know that you can see your advertisements within Agorapulse? You can also view the comments that users leave on your Instagram ads via Agorapulse’s dashboard. Agorapulse dashboard.

  1. Use a Third-Party App to Schedule Content

If you write your Instagram posts manually, you’re not able to take a break–you could be the type of person who never truly disconnects if you decide that the ideal time to publish your posts for your followers is at 6 a.m. You’ll be up early to write your posts.

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Why not plan as far ahead as possible to ensure that your live posts are significantly better?

Create your content and arrange it using an application from another company, such as Agorapulse. In recent times, Instagram has limited third-party scheduling tools to Instagram businesses, so if you’re a private user, it won’t allow you to use an approved Third-party scheduler.

Agorapulse dashboard demonstrating how to plan an Instagram post.

  1. Function only for businesses

This is a function only for businesses that have at least 10,000 followers. Jason Pampell describes the benefits of this feature, like “driving traffic to your site’s homepage with affiliate links to earn a commission or directing your followers to any call-to-action or direct action you’d like users to follow.

Insta Story on Instagram by Quip featuring “Swipe Up.”

In the Instagram Stories created by Quip (see the above picture), Quip uses the “Swipe Up” feature. Users can swipe their fingers in the direction indicated by the arrow to the left of “Learn More.”


  1. Don’t Let Your Doubts Get in the Way

I’ve explained the benefits you could gain by switching (lots of benefits! ). However, to be honest, let’s discuss the concerns you might be facing.

I’ll discuss concerns that I’ve often seen expressed on Q&A forums and blogs.

The first thing to remember is that even if your fears prove true If you decide that you don’t need an Instagram professional profile, you can go back to a private profile.

Specific social media administrators have stated that personal accounts can be linked to multiple Facebook pages. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people since most businesses have a Facebook Page. If the linkage affects your plans for cross-posting, using a third-party scheduling application such as Agorapulse is the best option.

Additionally, personal profiles can be set to private or public. However, Instagram business profiles can only be made public.

When using Instagram for business purposes, it’s good to ensure that people view your posts. The option of the public is the best-preferred method for most companies.

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  1. Overcome Algorithm Anxiety

One of the main concerns I’ve heard expressed on the internet is that Instagram can penalize businesses’ profiles with the algorithm, and businesses’ profiles will have lower engagement and reach.

Kurt Wagner at Recode interviewed Christina d’Avignon, who said in response to this concern, “we treat everyone the same.”

Perhaps this isn’t enough to convince you. You lose 1% of your reach if you make the switch to a professional profile on Instagram. What happens if you switch to help expand your profile from 1000 to 55,000? The engagement rate may be less, but the number of people interacting with you has increased. Isn’t that worth it?

It is possible to use all the advantages of a profile for your business to enhance your strategies and help you implement your plan. If it ultimately benefits your brand’s reputation, would it not be worth a loss to just one measure?

This assumes in our scenario where the Instagram algorithm is somehow penalizing corporate profiles. Consider reports based on data rather than stories and theories.

You must determine precisely the extent to which the algorithm is reducing engagement or reach significantly to outweigh the growth offered by the benefits of an Instagram company profile. Are you scared? In another blog post, I delve deeper into the concerns of making the switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

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