Best Drinking Games for Couples 


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things and introduced us to new habits. Whether washing our groceries after getting them home or drinking bottles of wine to get through the lockdown, partying and drinking can be one of the best ways to relax and unwind with your partner. That said, drinking could become monotonous and boring at times, but you can make it fun with some drinking games. Usually, drinking games are for larger groups or at least for more than three people.   

However, if you might want to have a night of drinking with your partner where you can also enjoy some fun games, then this article is for you. So, we have compiled a list of fun drinking games for couples. The best part is that most of the games mentioned do not even need any props. You would need your favorite drinks, your partner, and a place to stay after the tipsy experience to avoid driving under the influence. 

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  • Best Drinking Games for Couples:  


  1. Two truths and a lie 


Here’s a fun drinking game that allows you to have fun and know more about your partner. If you are in the initial dating phase and still getting to know your partner, this is an ideal game to do so. The best part is that you won’t need any props or cards to play it. All you need is a bottle of Johnny Walker and your partner. Being one of the best Scotch whiskeys, Johnny Walker makes your drinking party even more fun.  

So ensure to consider blanton’s whiskey in your drinking party. The premise of the game is simple. The first person must state two things about them, out of which one is a lie, and two are true. However, they must tell their lie as if it was the truth. If the second person guesses the lie right, the first person gets to drink. If the second person doesn’t get it right, they drink. Then it’s the second person’s turn to state their facts. 

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  1. Speed facts 


Here’s another exciting dab me up and fun drinking game similar to the above game. However, your partner must state the facts about you. The game’s premise is that players take turns to state facts about their partners quickly. Every time your partner gets something wrong about you, they take a shot and vice versa.  

Speed facts game is one of the best games to understand how well your partner knows you. Yes, this game might slow down the drinking process, but you would feel happy and sentimental knowing how well your partner knows you. You can also spice up the game by turning it into speed questions. You ask questions about yourself to your partner, and they must answer quickly, like a rapid-fire. 


  1. Never have I ever 


The next fun drinking game on the list is one of the naughtiest and has the potential to spice things up. You may have played this game with your buddies back in high school or college. Now is the time to play it with your significant other and get to know them better. The premise of this game is simple. One player states a thing that they haven’t done, and if the other one has done it, they take a shot.  

If they haven’t done the thing, there is no need to drink or take a shot. You can start by admitting funny things and then move to kinky and spicy things. However, that depends on how comfortable you are about admitting to the things you have done. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty fun drinking game that may lead to some action as you progress with each turn. 


  1. Mind meld 


Here’s the perfect two-player drinking game you could play. The game’s premise is that both players look at each other, run a countdown of three and say a word at once. The aim is for two individuals to say things together until they reach a similar word.  

For instance, if you and your partner say “ball” and “dog” respectively, the following common word could be “fetch.” Every time the combined third word that both players announce does not match, the players must drink. The game becomes messy and fun when both players come up with words that may not relate to the initial two words at all. You are indeed in for some laughs while playing these drinking games. 


Final Thoughts 


Those were some of the fun drinking games you could enjoy with your partner. Drinking games can be the best way to unwind and have a good time on a date night with your loved one. You can also find many naughty drinking games if you are in for it. However, you can also adjust and tweak the drinking games mentioned above and add a spicy touch to them. Hopefully, these drinking games will make your drinking party with your partner more fun. 


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