Cinema APK Real Debrid Not Working Fix [Updated in 2022]


Cinema HD APK can be used as a video-on-demand app. All your favorite TV shows, movies and other media can be accessed in one location. It has many wonderful features that will appeal to all. One of the coolest features is integration with Real Debrid. Cinema APK for Real Debrid isn’t working properly due to technical problems.

Real Debrid is a paid service. It offers premium, high-quality connections to its users. The Real Debrid feature is preferred by everyone.

Cinema HD APK is expanding exponentially every day. It’s getting new issues. We have the answers.

Cinema APK has released the latest version of its app. This latest version has many bugs fixed. According to the change logs, some modifications have been made in the way that the program gathers quality links from the web. Cinema APK’s most recent version is incompatible with real Debrid.


What is Real Debrid?

Real Debrid lets you stream and download files at your pace.

This is a paid service. You will need to subscribe in order to use this feature. High-quality links will be found from all corners of the internet.

Login to Real Debrid and use Cinema HD to connect your account.


What’s Cinema HD APK’s Real Debrid issue?

Real Debrid updates its algorithms regularly to improve the user experience. One of its programs was recently updated.

Its name has not been mentioned. It is claimed that it doubles the traffic to each web link it links. It doubles the overall traffic. It was also known as a “DDoS” attack. 

This attack affected many applications that use Real Debrid, such as Cinema APK.

Cinema HD has “Auto Resolve” feature. It is automatically turned on. It stores all web links. It gathers all links from the internet and sends them to it. This doubles traffic.

How do I fix Cinema APK’s Real Debrid issue?

It is not a problem. Real Debrid not working with Cinema has a solution. These methods will assist you in overcoming this problem.

Method 1: Disable the Resolve Premium link

Resolve Premium Link must be disabled. This feature won’t flood you with links.

  • Navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Accounts
  • Next, toggle Turn off Resolve Premium Link.

Method 2: Update Cinema HD Apk


Bugs may exist in older versions. These older versions may not be supported by the server. Upgrade to the Cinema APK version.

You can either update the older version or download the latest version from our website. Or, you can simply go to its official website.

  • Go to Menu >> The Latest Update

Method 3: Install VPN

Cinema APK might not be available in your area. A trusted VPN network is required. The VPN connection will allow you to access content without any hassles.

Method 4: Remove Real Debris and Re-pair

All devices that have been logged into Real Debrid need to be unpaired. Multiple devices logged into Real Debrid can cause Real Debrid to not work properly.

  • Log in to Real Debrid using all your devices
  • Next, close Cinema APK. Then reboot the device.
  • After you have launched Cinema APK, log into your Real Debrid account.


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