Dermatologist who treats online

Online doctor consultation is one of the most amazing experiences you can have with your doctor. Why? Because he accompanies you everywhere you go!

It sounds funny to say that, but it is real too! I couldn’t imagine keeping talking to my doctor and consulting him while traveling around the world or staying in a different country.

Let me tell you my story. I am suffering from psoriasis. It is a skin disorder that has no cure. Treatments usually work on improving symptoms and preventing them. But once I get in contact with some risk factors, such as stress and cold weather… symptoms get worse, and I need to check with the dermatologist again.

The first time I had psoriasis, I consulted the dermatologist at Novomed in Dubai, and he was very talented and gave me the suitable treatment to eliminate the symptoms. Also, he gave me all the needed tips to prevent the recurrence of the symptoms. But when I travel to any new city or country, symptoms appear again and this is frustrating. So I had to consult my doctor again to see what can I do to treat my symptoms and why it is happening again.

It was easy at first when I used to move from one city to another in the UAE, but every time I travel, it is a little bit hard to contact my dermatologist on his phone. Sometimes, I had to check with doctors in the same country until I came back to the UAE, and it is not easy to keep changing your doctor.

So during my last visit to my dermatologist here in Dubai, he told me that now they have applied telemedicine to their way of communication with the patients. It is a simple consultation done online between the doctor and the patient. He explained to me that from now on when I travel, I can book an online consultation with him, and we can have a video call or a phone call, and he can help me with my issue.

Actually, I really liked the idea and sound very nice especially since I won’t need to check with another doctor whenever I go to any new country.


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