Fat Loss For Idiots Review

Many people have seen my summer weight loss video on YouTube and have been sending emails wondering if it’s really possible to lose that much weight with the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet Program. So I am writing this Fat Loss For Idiots Review in an FAQ style to address some of the most common questions I get. The Fat Loss For Idiots Review Will be two parts because there are quite a few important questions that I want to address.

Does the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet Include Exercises?

No It Does Not. It is purely diet based. The genius of this program is in manipulating your diet to bring about the results you desire. It is possible to get your body into great shape just by diet manipulation alone. Will you look like a fitness model? NO! To get “that” kind of a body you will have to workout. But it is very possible to slim down and get in great looking shape utilizing ONLY the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet. As a matter of fact this is one reason I like this so much was I love going to the gym but when I hurt my ankle I couldn’t go anymore so I needed something that could help me lose weight without having to go to the gym. Frankly I didn’t expect to have the results I did and still do have. It started out as a way to just trim a FEW pounds and to make sure I didn’t get too fat while I wasn’t going to the gym. It became much more than that because I still follow it today and it has changed the way I eat forever.

What Kind Of A Diet Is The Fat Loss For Idiots Diet?

This diet is not like traditional diets such as low fat, low calorie, low carb or those fad diets (which I’ve tried them all) like the cabbage soup diet (so stupid) or those hoodia things. Now I’m not saying that those don’t work because they definitely do. As a matter of fact I think I lost weight on almost all of them. BUT… it wasn’t permanent. The problem with most diets is just that! They are diets! If you are on a diet that means when you get off the diet you go back to your old habits which got you fat in the first place. That was always my problem. With the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet you learn how to eat for the most part pretty normal foods that you are already buying but you learn to eat in the right proportions and the right combinations. This is called Calorie Shifting.

What Kind Of Food Do You Get To Eat On The Fat Loss For Idiots Diet?

I really liked this part because there are certain aifood recipe to eat to lose weight and on this program you can still pretty much eat foods you are used to. You don’t have to buy any special foods or anything like that. The ONLY problem for me with this though was the portions and the fact that I couldn’t go to McDonald’s. McDonald’s has been my BIGGEST deterrent to weight loss and for those of you that go to McDonald’s you’re just gonna have to choose between being thin and healthy or fat and tired. Giving up McDonald’s fries was SOOOO hard for me but the great part is now that my diet and weight is in check I can go out once or twice a month and eat a medium fry. And to be honest after you stop eating that crap you don’t even crave it at all. I’m just going to give you a sample of some of the foods you can eat on the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet.

Cottage cheese (I know most of you won’t like this one), Lots of Fruit, Idiot fish, Pasta, Salads, Oatmeal, Turkey sandwiches, scrambled eggs and there is so much more there’s no reason to even go on.

Now I’ll address another question here because many people send me emails saying that they already eat healthy food like that and I know exactly how you feel because I did too! The PROBLEM is the portion, timing and combination of foods. And that’s what the Fat Loss For Idiots Diet helped me out with was the correct portioning and combination of foods.


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