How to Better Engage Your Followers on Social Media

The debate about whether your business should participate in social media is a long over. Your market has been posting selfies from vacation on Facebook and Instagram, showcasing the food they ate at restaurants on Instagram, and live-tweeting life regarding Game of Thrones episodes for decades. There are 2.3 billion people across the globe who are using social media, including 58 % of Canadians, which means you cannot afford not to be on the scene.

The majority of companies recognize this. However, too many marketers make the mistake of trying to connect the number of their followers with their social media’s success. Social media isn’t about gathering followers in the same way as mint-condition baseball cards. It’s about creating authentic connections with these people who are following you.

Engagement Is Everything

The achievement of accumulating over 100,000 “Likes” on your buy facebook likes uk might seem impressive, but are all of them listening to what you are saying? Every business can convince an entire crowd of fans to like your Facebook profile, post tweets, or even post an image if the reward is sweet enough; however, most of them aren’t likely to interact with your brand and eventually become loyal, paying customers.

“Human-to-human connections are the heart and soul of business,” according to Neil Patel and Ritika Puri in The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing. This is as relevant on social media as when you interact face-to-face with your clients. It doesn’t matter if you have followers or likes as long as your audience doesn’t engage in the content you share. An unengaged social media user of one million is not much compared to a very involved audience of 10,000.

A Brief Review of Engagement

What makes engagement on social media vital? Engagement is the act of taking action that indicates your audience’s interest and connection. If you don’t have engagement from your audience, your social media posts could quickly be billboards along a deserted road.

Social media engagement is available in a variety of types, such as:

  • Sharing a post by liking it
  • Commenting on a blog post
  • Retweeting or sharing a post
  • A link clicked in an article

Each of these actions builds interaction between the individual and your business. As the connections develop and strengthen your business’s relationship with the individual and that’s how the best social media posts will eventually lead to better:

  • Visibility of brands (through sharing posts)
  • Customer loyalty
  • Discussions between yourself and your market

DiGiorno Pizza is well known for its irreverent, quirky tweets. However, its followers are awed by its funny tweets. The fun and flirty dating tweet received 179 likes and 79 retweets. It likely made the DiGiorno followers smile. It’s not wrong that the company was on the same page, suggesting that pizza is essential for those looking to make love last forever.

Your Best Social Media Strategy

The internet provides tips on enhancing your company’s social media marketing. However, often, this advice is a tactic. You can find a huge list that will show you how to boost your following on Facebook by offering vacations to exotic beaches, posting beautiful photos, and promoting your brand through cross-promotion via guest posts.

However, these strategies are helpful only when you can approach your social media platforms with the proper strategy. This strategy is based on authenticity. Ilya Pozin, who writes for Forbes, is the best at describing it: “Potential customers and consumers are searching for social media profiles that are smart and entertaining and they are looking for accounts that can be good at facilitating conversations and will listen to their demands. Your target users are looking for your social media channel to add value to them in some fashion.”

Strategies only get you so far when you communicate your brand with authenticity and communicate in a way that makes your intended audience desire to interact with you. followerspro tweet about dating may appear fake at first. However, it is in line with the humorous nature of their brand and the younger, hip crowd they’re hoping to reach.

Before you get started applying “101 Great Tips for Getting More Twitter Followers,” review the personality of your business and how you’re coming across to your followers. Perhaps it’s time to turn up your authenticity.

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