How to restart discord?

how to restart discord

Discord not working or causing troubles such as random freezes, suffering bugs or display errors? then you don’t have to bother much as in this article we will be sorting this problem of yours by providing you with quick fixes.

It has been seen that Restarting Discord or performing refresh discord has the potential to resolve discord, not working issues which we have mentioned above.

So let’s check out various methods how to restart discord.

How to Restart Discord?

Restarting or performing turn-off discord is not that technical or hard, you simply restart discord through various methods, let’s take a glance at them one by one.

Tap on the Cross icon

The first and most easy way to restart discord is simply to click on the Cross situated on the top right of the discord and restart the discord app and check whether the issue is resolved or not. Check Discord Update Failed Loop On Windows And Mac.

Note:- Clicking on the cross by default will minimize the discord app instead of turning it off. So, to make sure it doesn’t happen, head to Discord User settings, after Windows Settings, now simply search for Minimise to Tray option and disable it to ensure that next time it will switch off discord instead of minimizing it.

Click on Upward Arrow

You can also close the Discord App, by clicking on the Upward arrow, merely click on it and you will notice the discord app icon, after that click on it and hit Quit discord and by following this your discord will shut down and you may get rid of discord not working. How TO Install BetterDiscord [Themes,Plugins,Custom CSS]

With the Assistance of the Task Manager.

Last but least another method to turn off discord is with the assistance of the task manager, all you have to do is open up the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then head to the processes tab and select discord, and perform End task to shut down running discord app.

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