3 Important Points to Consider while Lighting Parks and Gardens

lighting parks and gardens

In this age, landscape luminaires for parks and gardens are gaining prominence among cities. They are a great source to create a fantastic ambience and embrace natural beauty. Also, landscape LEDs are a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable source of illumination that is accessible in several designs and patterns to benefit.

However, designing a lighting structure for a park or garden can be a challenging task. Due to the variety of landscape lighting available in the market, getting the right set of luminaires can be difficult. Not only this, there are certain points to keep in mind for achieving three goals of landscape lighting in parks, i.e. safety, aesthetics, and energy conservation. 

Here, is the list of things one must consider for building a well-lit and attractive park or garden area.

Make an eco-friendly choice

LED lighting is one of the best ways to light pathways and different areas within a park. It is an eco-friendly lighting solution compared to fluorescent lights that emit massive heat in the air and pollute the environment. Furthermore, LED light deals with the problem of UV emission efficiently. Besides, LEDs have a longer shelf life in comparison to traditional bulbs and offer energy savings. 

Therefore, creating a healthy environment with more energy and cost savings is a better choice one can make to light up the park effectively. 

Place the lights strategically

There are a lot of options available such as recessed, bollards, spotlights, and lanterns in LED lighting. LEDs work in many ways and names, each having a unique purpose of being manufactured. However, installing them at a safe distance to look appealing and provide complete luminosity is integral. Basically, the lights should be placed in such a way that they do not obstruct the visitor’s path and instead offer them a clear vision. Here are some examples of beneficial strategies to create the desired illumination of the garden areas. 

  • Consider placing outdoor LED spotlight lanterns and other landscape luminaires on both sides of the pathways. What’s more, maintain at least a one-foot distance between them to get effective outcomes. 
  • When talking about strip lights, they can be installed a bit closer to the pathways and sitting areas to ensure sufficient illumination throughout.
  • For bollards, try placing them near sitting areas to enlighten the surroundings with glare-free asymmetric lighting. 

A point to be remembered, while looking for branded products, always make sure that they offer up-to-the-mark qualities such as reliability and assurance. For instance, you can choose Post Top LED, Gardenia LED, Whistling Bollards and many more landscape luminaires from one of the reputed brands– Wipro Lighting. It is one of the top lighting manufacturers in India, providing a wide range of landscape lighting, and commercial lighting, including the aforementioned products, to reap maximum benefits of the public place.

Accentuate the features of the areas

Another thing to keep in mind while designing a park or garden lighting is to make sure the lights accentuate the areas well. Getting the right kind of landscape lighting is imperative according to the space. Some essential tips and tricks suggested by various lighting experts include illuminating the areas with water bodies by placing the lights along the edges. Even certain luminaires might be placed underwater to add a charismatic look to the space. 

Likewise, get in touch with an expert to know some customisable ideas as per the garden area, size, and design. Along with placing the lights strategically for better luminosity, considering them to accentuate the place is beneficial to attract more visitors to play and spend some quality time there.

To meet the above-noted points, light fixtures must be selected carefully to stand the test of time. Considering their power for resistance to harsh climate is also vital. Hence, exploring the leading lighting manufacturers like Wipro Lighting can make things easier and take away all the worries regarding the integration of best-in-class technology and resistance capability.

After developing a clear understanding of the passage, one can truly build or revamp a garden area successfully as per the latest trends and requirements of visitors to come and enjoy their time to the fullest.

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