Managing Director of Aster Healthcare Sheth Jeebun; A Leading Personality

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Sheth Jeebun is a leading businessman and property developer with over 30 years of expertise within the Healthcare industry sector. His career has been dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities.

He was born in Mauritius and moved to India in his late teens, where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Delhi.

Sheth has built his career as a healthcare entrepreneur and managing director at Aster Healthcare (a multinational company) since 2012. He has had a long and distinguished career in the field of healthcare,

Throughout his career, Sheth has focused on developing businesses that support their local communities,

whether they be by employing local people or by offering facilities such as gyms and swimming pools within their properties.

He is well known for his philanthropic work within the community. He is also a famous businessman in many organizations for his contributions to society.

Sheth’s drive and ambition allowed him to expand his horizons further into new areas, and he soon became a leading figure in both commercial and residential property development across London.

 Sheth Jeebun is a dedicated healthcare professional with extensive experience in the field.

In this capacity, He completed multiple international investment projects and has overseen the growth of Aster Healthcare’s footprint across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

He has also served as chairman on several worldwide boards for major healthcare organizations.

Sheth Jeebun has been instrumental in designing and implementing several successful healthcare projects in Mumbai and other cities in India.

He has extensive experience developing, constructing, and managing various projects across India.

He has built a successful career by applying his passion for the world around him, and he believes in giving back to society at every turn.

Sheth Jeebun personality:

Sheth Jeebun strongly believes that technology and innovation can help people live longer and healthier lives. 

His personality is warm and friendly. He is kind and compassionate towards his colleagues, who look up to him as mentors and friends.

He believes that sustainability and innovation can bring a bright future. His mission is to provide Artisan products with a new twist.

He wants to help that unknown artist who needs support for growing; he believes every human being has the right to move forward.

Sheth Jeebun helps many talented artisans and gives them a platform to show off their incredible talents to the world. He believes that as we live in a global world, where we can help each other.

Professional achievement:

Sheth Jeebun is a leading businessman and property developer with over years of expertise within the Healthcare industry sector.

Also, He is a prominent figure in the Indian commercial development area. He completed several projects across India, the UK, and South Africa.

His portfolio includes a wide range of commercial space, residential apartments, retail outlets, and office buildings.

Having established his first business in 1986, Sheth Jeebun has built a reputation for providing quality services to his clients based on his knowledge and understanding of their needs.

Sheth Jeebun also has been able to establish his reputation through his commitment to success.

He learned about how important it was for him to be successful in this industry and has been able to use his skills in business development since then.

In addition to his business interests, he is passionate about supporting local communities and has been an active member of various organizations.

Sheth Jeebun has been deeply involved in developing the healthcare sector for decades. He has been responsible for numerous landmark projects in India and abroad.

He was instrumental in developing several major hospitals abroad.

Sheth Jeebun awards for his work in the field of healthcare, including:

  • The Businessman of the Year Award by Business World in 2017;
  •  The Most Innovative Entrepreneur Award at IAPTI Awards 2018;
  • The Best Corporate Social Responsibility Award by Business World in 2018;
  • and The Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Business World in 2019.

Sheth Jeebun’s vision and passion;

 Sheth Jeebun is the managing director at Aster Healthcare. He is passionate about improving the world’s healthcare system and making it accessible to everyone.

In addition, His passion for healthcare led him to create Aster Healthcare, where he has worked as a managing director since its inception.

After that, He plans to expand this company further by creating more partnerships with other healthcare providers. He is developing new technologies and products for use in hospitals around the world.

He has a vision of making healthcare accessible and aims to provide quality care to all patients, regardless of their background.

Sheth Jeebun is a visionary man who aims to provide a holistic healthcare experience to all patients.

Sheth Jeebun believes in putting the patient first and works hard to ensure that Aster delivers on its promise of high-quality care efficiently and effectively.

He is also dedicated to increasing access to healthcare for underserved communities.

Thus, Aster Healthcare has grown from a one-person operation to a large corporation with over 70 employees serving hundreds of clients.

Sheth Jeebun’s vision for Aster is simple: to help others live their best lives by providing them with quality care at home so they can remain independent and happy.

On the other hand, Sheth Jeebun has taken a keen interest in helping others grow their businesses through his work with the community, including local charities, schools, and hospitals. In addition, He has made it his mission to help people in all areas of life by providing them with the resources they need to live happy and fulfilling lives.

However, Sheth Jeebun owns four healthcare homes for people. His commitment to excellence has helped him develop a reputation as one of the best healthcare leaders in his field.

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