My story of Liposuction surgery taken place at Novomed Abdu Dhabi

Few months ago, I undergo a Liposuction in Abu Dhabi Novomed center. The process was very smooth and the results were amazing. The team is very talented and have the best well-experienced Plastic Surgeon in Abu Dhabi. I never felt that I am at a hospital, they were very friendly and helped me overcome my fear of surgeries. And now I am very thankful for each one of them because I am really happy and I gained my self-confidence again thanks to them.

Liposuction is not an easy procedure, but with Novomed, it is! I wanted for years to undergo a Liposuction because I have some stubborn fat on my thighs, but I was always afraid of surgeries, and I have concerns about not reaching my goal.

When I went to see the plastic surgeon at Novomed Abu Dhabi, the first thing he asked me about was my goals. And he explained to me that goals should be realistic, so I can be satisfied with the results. Then he explained to me about the procedure, and how it will make my thighs look thin and beautiful.

Then he asked me to do some medical exams to make sure that I am healthy enough to undergo the surgery. And he asked me if I wanted to lose weight, or if I am close to my ideal weight. I told him, yes, but the stubborn fat in my thighs really bothered me.

So he told me that during the liposuction he will remove those fat, and then lift the skin so my thighs will look young and thin again. He continued that during the surgery, he will have to make small incisions in my thighs, insert a thin hollow cannula to break up the fat cells, and then use a special vacuum to remove them. He will use a laser pulse to break up the fat, to make it easy to remove them.

Then he will close the incisions, and cover them to avoid any infection or inflammation. He told me that recovery usually takes a few weeks, but stitches can be removed after 10 days.

So I did the surgery, and it was very successful, and the doctor advised me to take a few days off from work and to avoid strenuous activities, to make recovery easier.


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