OWL Vision Bicycle Bell Hoot Classic


The OWL Vision bicycle bell Hoot is an immediate eye-catcher. Clean lines and a long hammer fit perfectly with the retro design of the bell. We want to know how the bell compares.


OWL Vision HOOT Classic reviewed

It is directly noticeable that the OWL has its hammer on the outside. hybrid bike vs cyclocross in contrast to the Basil bell or the Electra, you can save yourself the view into the case. Nothing is built in. When the hammer is pressed, it presses against the outside of the bell and produces a rich sound. More on that later.




Long reverberation

pleasing retro design



Susceptible to rust



The OWL Hoot is shipped in printed cardboard. As a rule, only brand manufacturers can afford this. The clamp itself makes a stable impression. The bell is made of aluminium. Anyone who has paid attention in chemistry knows that aluminium can rust – so I am looking forward to the long-term experience. Because some reviewers criticize exactly this problem at the bell: rust. For me, it is still too early to make a statement in this regard.


Assembly / Installation

The Hoot bell is attached to the handlebar with two screws. These are included in the scope of delivery. Now quickly get the phillips screwdriver out of the garage and the assembly is successful in 30 seconds. You can’t do anything wrong here. Unless you screw them on the right. The bell can only be mounted on the left side of the handlebar.



A bell without frills. I like the retro design and the simple elegance of the Hoot. In addition, it also looks high-quality and the overall package definitely has charm, whether on the scooter or on the Dutch bike. Racers are more likely to opt for a different model.



For a bell with small dimensions, it makes quite a lot of noise.



I measured a rash for about 6 seconds. best hybride bike the reverberation of the OWL Vision is still clearly perceptible, especially in the first two seconds, and then naturally decreases.



With 77 grams, the OWL Vision Hoot is one of the lighter bells in our bicycle bell test.



I bought the bell for 12,99 €



I really like the bell because of the ease of use and the retro design. What worries me is longevity. Here I will publish an update after the rainy season. If it doesn’t rust, a really great bell.

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