Parquet Flooring: Different Types, Finishes, Pros And Cons

parquet flooring for home

Today we will talk about parquet flooring. Now the question arises: what is parquet flooring? Parquet flooring is a type of wooden flooring that comes in different styles and blocks. These flooring has become more popular. Parquet floors are typically laid in hallways and bedrooms. 

These floors are made of both solid and engineered wood. Engineered parquet flooring is made from different layers of wood. Parquet flooring is suitable for both traditional and modern looks. This flooring should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner but not use a wet mop because parquet floors made of wood water can damage the wood.

Solid wood the best parquet flooring shop in Dubai is made from solid pieces of timber and this flooring has is made of 100% solid wood. You can choose both solid and engineered flooring because it seems the same no matter whether you choose solid or engineered flooring. Parquet flooring gives very stable results because it’s easy to clean and pleasing to the eye.

Today we will discuss the types, finishes, pros, and cons of parquet flooring.

Types Of Parquet Flooring

  • Oak parquet flooring 
  • Walnut parquet flooring
  • Chevron parquet flooring

Oak Parquet Flooring

Oak parquet flooring is very popular and many experts agree that oak flooring is best. It is very strong and hard-wearing for living rooms. 


Walnut Parquet Flooring 

Walnut flooring is very popular because of its beautiful and natural colour. Walnut parquet flooring is a good choice for living room and dining rooms. 

Chevron parquet flooring 

A chevron parquet flooring is designed like a zigzag shape. Chevron parquet flooring is recommended for the general living room.

Now we talk about finishes of parquet flooring.

Finishing gives a great look to your floor. To keep your floors looking like a new one should give finishing to them because the floor needs finishing after some time or a few years. To see the working of the parquet flooring in Dubai see

Finishes Of Parquet Flooring 

Matt Lacquer Parquet

Having a matt lacquer parquet gives a natural and graceful look to the floor.

Natural Oil Parquet

This long-established treatment for flooring gives a natural and stunning look.

Now we will discuss the pros and cons of parquet flooring.

Pros of parquet flooring 

  • Parquet flooring can be fixed in different varieties of designs.
  • Parquet flooring is durable as long as you treat it with proper care.
  • Parquet flooring needs low maintenance.
  • As compared to hardwood flooring the price of parquet flooring is less.
  • Parquet flooring is easy to fix.


  • This type of flooring is not easy to repair if damaged.
  • The colour of the parquet flooring could dim or fade in sunlight.
  • It needs the right cleaning and care. 


We have discussed parquet flooring which is one of the most popular flooring types. And we discuss why finishing is necessary for flooring. We also tell parquet flooring types and discuss the oak, walnut, and chevron flooring, We also describe advantages and disadvantages. 

Now we hope you get information about parquet flooring. We recommend you choose parquet flooring because it is made up of real wood which is strong and hard-wearing.

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