Smart Ways you Can Use The Second Kitchen in Home

Second Kitchen in Home

A recent trend in updated homes is to install a second kitchen. When you have a perfectly set kitchen you probably don’t need another one right? But let me tell you, a second smaller kitchen is a major discovery yet to be used to its fullest. 

Also known as the prep kitchen or scullery is advancing its steps toward modern home designs. Take a look at the dha society Bahawalpur houses, and you will be amazed at how fitting the second kitchen looks. It is usually adjacent to the main kitchen for the purpose of food preparation, cleaning, and storage. Talk about concealing the messy part of the food prep, that’s what the second kitchen is for. 

Plus having a smaller second kitchen means you can add art on the windows or countertop too to reflect the space with some personality. 

But how to use the second kitchen? Is there some specific way to do so? Relax guys! This blog covers the basic tidbits you need to make the most out of the second kitchen. 

How to use the second kitchen space 

It is not an outrageous thought to have extra space. For a great design, you can try any of the following concepts to your advantage. 

In the kitchen

The purpose of a second kitchen adjacent to the primary one is pretty obvious. Luckily, not all second kitchens need plumbing and power, but it is a great space to grab a quick coffee or breakfast. Maybe even a dessert does not sound like such a bad option.  

You can use a second kitchen like a separate bar for snacks and beverages. it will act as a self-serve space.

If you have a big house, then a larger serving space, formally known as a butler’s pantry, can be used. This space is used to serve meals and where used dishes are placed before cleaning. So the pantry acts as the bridge between the public and private sides of the kitchen. You can store flatware, dishes, platters, and other formal dinner utensils. 

Off the dining room 

Just off the dining room, a second kitchen is easy to install. It also plays the role of the servery. You may not have a butler to serve you a fancy meal and announce it as they make their way over to you. However, during formal lunches, hi-teas, and dinners a second kitchen is a great asset. 

You can install custom-made cabinetry along the wall to present the food buffet style. It helps to avoid the hassle of putting all food on the dining table. This way instead people can self-serve themselves and enjoy their meals more. 

In the basement 

Basements are popularly used as storage spaces for the junk you are too emotional about. At times you also use it as makeshift laundry or a guest room space. But if you want to rent out the basement as a proper space, a second kitchen will be a valuable addition. 

Or a food storage area in the basement can work for you. Not every house has a basement, but those that do can add a second kitchen with the intent of using it as the serving space. The concept is not complicated at all you do not need technical plumbing of any sort. Get the dishwasher installed (which requires basic plumbing) and complete the kitchen look in the basement. 

Middle of the house 

Some families are popular in their social circle and love being the host for almost every dinner and or lunch. Those families that entertain a lot will find a second kitchen extremely helpful. When it comes to dinner preparations or serving cocktails and teas, the serving kitchen in the middle of the dining area or casual sitting area is perfect. 

For buffets, again, it serves as the most functional choice. No need to rush to keep the kitchen neat and crispy clean when you can arrange the dishes for the parties in a spectacular way. 

In bedroom 

Wait, what? A second kitchen in your bedroom? It sounds insane, right? But guess what? Private rooms in the house can be accompanied by a coffee station. It’s a luxurious addition to the room (like in-studio apartments) but most hotel suites offer this as an exclusive amenity. 

Adding a counter and sink transforms the place. So if you want a quick cup of tea or coffee you can do so by adding necessary items in the second kitchen. 

So you see? A second kitchen in the house is not a weird choice but a more functional design. Are you up for it? Let us know! 

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