Some Hacks & Hidden Features Of Instagram

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We all think we have mastered Instagram, but have we in real? Instagram has multiple hidden features that help make your Instagram experience better. You can make your Instagram id stand out with these easy hacks. Not just this you can even get hands on any Instagram media easily. If you are an Instagram user you definitely need these hacks and hidden features of Instagram. You get notifications from a particular person to download any content from Instagram you can easily do it all. Using these lesser known hacks you can instantly change your Instagram game. Below are enlisted some fun hacks and hidden features of Instagram:

Download any content from Instagram:

While browsing through Instagram content we all wish to download certain videos and photos. Instagram does not provide us with any option to do so. Hence we have brought you an interesting hack to download any Instagram story, highlight, reel, photo; video etc from Instagram easily and for free using Instazoom app. Instazoom is a powerful tool that helps you download any content easily to your device.

Reorder your filters on Instagram:

We are at times obsessed with a particular filter. Certain filters become day to day use filters for every picture or video we take. Now scrolling through the list until you find them is hard. Using a simple hack you keep all your favourite filters ahead of others. Simply click an image and then click on the filters option. Now hold on a filter and drag it to the desired position. The filters will be repositioned.

Create a quick reply template:

If you have a business account it is sure you get hit by the same question or doubt multiple times. It is hard to type in the same response multiple times. To solve this issue you can always add a quick reply. Quick reply is a two to three word phrase that you would type to auto generate a full paragraph response. To create a quick reply you need a business account. Now go to settings and choose ‘business’ option. Now click on the ‘new quick reply’ button.  Add a shortcut phrase you would use to generate a quick reply and then add your long message click on ‘saves’. Now whenever you type in a quick reply phrase the paragraph will be embedded.

Reorder Instagram highlights:

Highlights are of great significance these days. Businesses keep all their vital stories stored as highlights on their wall. Now as we all are aware how we can see only up to 4 highlights on the wall and for the rest you need to slide. You need to put the best highlights at these positions. Here’s a cool hack to rearrange your highlights to drop the most important ones ahead of others in the row. Simply tap on any highlight that you want to keep first in line. Now hold on this highlight to reveal the options list from the list chooses ‘edit highlight’ option. Now simply add another picture to this highlight by selecting one. You can always delete this picture later. Now upload the highlight and it will come in first place. To delete the picture simply follow the same steps and remove that picture by unselecting it.

Get notified when your favourite person is posting:

Do you wish to get notified when your favourite people post on Instagram, it is easy, all you need to do is push the notifications on. To get notified whenever your favourite person posts and content you need to simply visit their profile. Now tap on the three lines to reveal the options list. Choose ‘notification’ option from the list and turn the slider button on to get story, post, reel, or IGTV Video notifications, now whenever these people post you will be instantly notified.

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