Top 10 Stunning Photography Logos For Your Business

photograhpy logos

Photography is all about telling a story with the help of visuals. Photography businesses also need stunning logos to represent their business. A logo is a visual representation of the strength and values of the brand.

Few photography logos become more than just a business symbol. These remarkable and stunning logos inspire with their unique design concepts. Here are the top 10 stunning photography logos for your business. 

  • Triana Koster Photography Logo

Triana Koster Photography’s logo design has a subtle image of 3girls who are holding the camera, exposure meter, and flash lamp in their hands. This directly indicates the firm has a specialty in fashion or model photography. These girls are created in a way that shows their eagerness to click pictures. 

Moreover, the colors used in this logo design are pink and black. This conveys that the photography business is a team of dynamic photographers who specialize in events, fashion, portrait photography, etc. 

  • Captivating Art Photography Logo

The captivating art photography business is quite serious about generating art through their work as the name suggests. Art comes in a variety of forms including photography. This business has created a stunning logo design that captures the essence of art. The use of symbols like plants, circles, stars, and floral patterns in the logo builds a connection to the art. 

The initials ‘C’ and ‘A’ are beautifully placed inside a circle made of floral and plant patterns. This creates an aesthetic appeal that their viewers will be definitely pleased to look at. 

  • Hercules Photography Logo

In the Hercules Photography logo, there is a camera that has flying wings attached to it. The logo design captures every moment in the camera and creates a beautiful memory. The use of wings on the camera is directly related to the name of the photography business. 

Next, the name of the business is written in bold letters to grab the attention of viewers and make them see. The color choice of text complements the color used in the wings. This eventually creates a pleasant logo design that people will want to look at. 

  • East-West University Photography Club Logo

The brilliant camera-shaped logo design of the East-West University Photography Club is an outstanding source of inspiration. It consists of three boxes of red, green and blue. The designer has incorporated the RGB color scheme into the color palette. Moreover, the colors used here are three primary colors. The right color scheme is one of the basic principles of logo design. 

In addition to this, the photo’s letter ‘O’ is created as a camera lens. This brilliant logo design is a great source of inspiration. 

  • Luna Curran Photography Logo

Luna Curran is another photography business with a stunning logo design. The creativity of the logo design surely indicates the creative potential and hard work of the team. The artistically spelled initial of the company is the main detail that attracts viewers. 

Other than this, the photography word has a creative addition to it. The ‘O’ in this word is replaced with the symbol of a camera. This further adds to its appeal and takes the logo one step ahead. In addition to this, the simplistic use of black color is quite appealing and professional. 

  • Judith Rae Photography Logo

Judith Rae is another photography business that specializes in wedding photography. The vintage camera-shaped logo shows that they are capable of making a wedding look grand and classic. 

In addition to this, there is the use of fancy and handwritten logo fonts with glittering stars to increase the appeal of this creative logo. There is a touch of classic lettering in the logo design. This increases the credibility of the company’s business and builds trust among the target audience. The logo containing the camera symbol is a classic move that makes this design a masterpiece. This is considered one of the best photography logos in business. 

  • Blue Water Photo Photography Logo

Bluewater Photo is a famous underwater camera and photography business. In the logo design, they surrounded the company name with a whirl of sparkling blue water. There is a little hint of purple in it too. Using this symbol makes the business quite clear to the target audience. 

Moving further, the designers used the blue in its shade to break monotony. It is great to use only one or two colors for the simplicity of the design. The logo is designed creatively and with the thought, that it will help in the growth of the business. 

  • Deanna McCollum Photography Logo

Deanna McCollum has quite a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing logo design. It consists of an easy symbol of flower petals and the grass beneath in string form. 

This is a clear symbol that this photography business deals with wedding and family photography. To add to this, the color scheme is quite simple and easy on the eyes. The chosen font style adds minimalistic touch to this stunning logo. Moreover, this makes the design versatile which can be fit anywhere and display its full potential.

  • James Hardy Photography LLC

This photography has its target audience mainly in the entertainment industry. The logo designers managed to create such a photograph logo that attracts drama and attention from the entertainment industry. They used red and black colors to add a dramatic look to the logo design. 

The handwritten style of lettering and the camera icon which is slightly tilted grab attention instantly. The business name has an attractive shine to it. Moreover, the name itself is iconic and readily reminds the viewers of movies and TV. 

  • Kamara Photography Logo

Kamara’s photography logo design used two colors in their logo in a fantastic way. The logo designer kept things subtle on purpose and is successful in delivering the essence of exceptional photography services. 

There is a use of yellow color which adds life to the logo and provides its identity. People can identify this logo quickly due to the pop of the color which is the dominating element of the design. 

With so much inspiration brimming your cup, you can create your stunning photography logo quite easily. You can take the help of online logo makers like Canva, Designhill, Adobe, etc, and create fantastic designs for your photography business. These brands themselves have amazing logos that are full of inspiration. For instance, the Designhill logo design is simple yet unique and innovative. 

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