The Bavarian Haferlschuh, A Shoe to Pair With Lederhosen


The Bavarian Haferlschuh is a comfortable, stylish shoe that goes well with traditional German Lederhosen. A great complement to many seasonal outfits, it works especially well for Oktoberfest and other festivals year-round. 

Haferlschuhe are part of a larger category of traditional footwear known as overshoes or, more commonly in English, chaussures lacets. This group includes the forenamed Haferlschuhe, along with other traditional styles such as Mokassins (or Indian shoes), which can be worn by both men and women. Let us explore more about these shoes to complete the look of our Oktoberfest costume.

Traditional Oktoberfest Shoes – Haferlschuh

A pair of Haferlschuhe are made from brown leather, which, unlike the black waxed leather used for lederhosen, has a rough surface. And while at first glance, they may look rather similar to mountain-biking shoes or sturdy hiking boots. 

Haferlschuh is a unique Bavarian shoe: a part of the history, culture, and tradition of this country. It’s the definitive symbol of Oktoberfest, and it makes you stand out in Munich crowd! 

Most often bought to complement the color and texture of lederhosen, haferlschuh shoes are available in either rough, velour leather or smooth, polished leather. Haferlschuhe are the classic male Bavarian shoe. They were originally used for horse riding and walking in the Bavarian Alps, but now they are a traditional fashion statement for men all over Germany.

Haferlschuhe are flexible and can be worn comfortably with socks. Socks are indeed an important part of any outfit involving this kind of shoe. 

  • Bavarian Socks – Loferl

If you’re planning to attend the annual German festival in Munich, be sure to update your wardrobe with some Oktoberfest accessories. Traditional styles include striped or checkered cotton and woolen socks, but there’s no rule that says you can’t wear other types of socks.

Loferl socks are trendy cotton socks for men and women that come in different colors and patterns. Their unique designs can be worn with ankle or knee-length socks or on their own, depending on your style preferences. 

Origin of Haferlschuh Shoes 

Chamois goats can climb on almost any surface, even precipitous slopes and rocky outcroppings. Their split hooves and soft pads allow them to do so without slipping or losing their grip, making them the perfect inspiration for Franz Schratt’s invention, which we all know as the modern shoe – Haferlschuh.

The theory that some scholars of Bavarian dialects prefer is far less likely than the one that sounds more probable at first: Haferlschuh is actually borrowed from English! 

The Haferlschuhe originated as a type of work boot from the mountainous terrain of Bavaria. The shoe’s wooden sole and rubber cleats at the bottom were added for extra support. 

In a similar way to the lederhosen, the power in its design was recognized soon enough, and it spread into all parts of life. Bavarian women and men alike still wear this classic part of their outfits today.

The name of the shoe, like many other designer shoes, takes inspiration from the animal kingdom. The mountain goat inspired the shoe’s sole, creating an unbeatable grip and stability that comes second to none.

Other Shoe Choices to Pair with Lederhosen Costumes!

If you don’t have easy access to the German half-a-shoe, don’t worry! You can still make your lederhosen shine bright. A matching game with high-quality leather is essential to achieve this goal. However, try not to pair it with dress shoes; instead, select a more casual boot that ends above your ankle.

The leather tracht sneakers are just as stylish and comfortable as their clog counterparts. You can also wear these with your lederhosen. 

The color of the leather is very important. Not only should it come in a shade that complements your lederhosen, but it should also match the embroidery so that the entire design looks aesthetically pleasing.

Do not Choose Casual Shoes for Oktoberfest Costume!

At German parties, you’ll see people wearing lederhosen and dirndl dresses. The outfits look great with a pair of boots. But they should never be combined with sneakers or sandals because they ruin the overall look of the outfit.

When you’re at the Oktoberfest, be mindful of wearing boots and fully covered shoes with a sole unless you want to end up with a sticky, greasy, or injured foot by day’s end. You should wear shoes that protect your feet from broken glass and other liquids found on the ground. You should also wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be bumping into people a lot and stepping on others’ feet.

Now, if you are thinking of buying Haferlschuh shoes and do not have much time to visit a market, then you should get them online. There are several options available for buying such shoes and all Oktoberfest costume accessories. 

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