The Timisoara SSM and Labor Protection Services Law

Labor Protection Services Law

The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara, or APSSMT, is located in the western part of the country. It contributes to the development of research studies and prevention solutions that contribute to improved working conditions and a healthier workforce in the region. As a member of the APSSMT, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. Listed below are some of the main servicii ssm si protectia muncii Timisoara.

Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timisoara (APSSMT)

The Association for Occupational Safety and Health Timişoara (APSSMT) is an organization in Romania, located in the Western part of the country. The main objective of the association is to contribute to the development of research studies and prevention solutions in the field of health and safety at work. As such, the organization works towards creating a healthy and safer workforce in the region. The association also offers training in occupational safety and health.


The University of ARSSM Timisoara is dedicated to the development of advanced materials and medical devices for the benefit of people’s health and safety. Their work is focused on evaluating the properties of materials, identifying the risks of cancer, and analyzing the lifecycle of textiles. The department currently has eight employees, including two CS II and three CS III students, as well as two technicians and one engineer. The University of ARSSM Timisoara also hosts many seminars, lectures, and conferences aimed at fostering the development of the sector.

Law No. 319 of 2006

The Timişoara SSM and labor protection services law No. 319 of 2006 establishes general principles for the health, safety and welfare of workers in the workplace. The law also imposes a series of requirements for employers, including the establishment of individual labor contracts and the provision of adequate OSH training. It applies to every employer and worker who has at least one employee. It also covers the protection of workers’ rights and the rights of workers’ families.

Labour Inspection

As a member of the National Labour Council, I am a qualified expert in occupational health and safety and I am also involved in organizing training and conferences related to these issues. I have been involved in Romanian labor law for the past 15 years and I’m very happy with the results of my work. In Timișoara, I have worked in a number of industries, from construction to manufacturing, so I have experience in dealing with a wide range of issues.

Social dialogue at territorial level

In Romania, social dialogue has three main participants: the government, employer organizations, and trade unions. Other key participants include labour inspection, OSH research and development entities, and professional associations. These organisations are responsible for establishing social dialogue committees and communicating their recommendations to the Economic and Social Council. Social dialogue is a dynamic tool that manages change in various industries. It involves mutual information, open discussions, consultations, and negotiation.

Organization of activities of SSM and SU in accordance with specific legislation in

The organization of activities of SSM and SU in Timisoara is governed by the relevant legislation. According to the authors, the SSM and SU can only perform their activities in Timisoara if they are registered as a unified body. In order to register as a unified body, a local SU must be registered as a SU. There are three main types of SU: public, private, and mixed.

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