Top 5 Oculus Quest 2 Games to play now!


For many people virtual reality could be a perfect escape or a workout or it could be both. If you are looking for the best self controlled VR gaming close, then my dear friends oculus quest 2 is the best choice or option for you. Oculus Quest was renamed Meta Quest 2 after Face book’s name changed to Meta. 

The original oculus quest was updated with less expensive features like compact headset, which reminds us that there are really some amazing and fantastic games on the virtual reality platform. The quest has turned into an amazing destination for virtual reality games which are best for the users. However, you might not like the addition of ads in oculus VR and mandatory Facebook login still we can assure you that the new features of the game will surely be liked by you. 

Good games are regularly approaching the Oculus store so that the players can get the games from there. Although, the users need to note that they need to connect to a gaming PC either wireless or with a USB cable if they want to access top PC VR games like star wars: squadron, half life, alyx and others. 

You will notice that there are some games which works with original oculus quest but the majority of the best oculus quest 2 games are coming up with updates and graphic boosts which only works exclusively with quest 2. 

We are going to tell you about the best five games which are available for the users to play so that they can access them and enjoy them. 

Best 5 games to play on oculus quest 2

  • Virtuoso 

This is the best virtual reality musical playground for the users. It has a bunch of wild virtual reality instruments which you might have never seen before. Recording tools and the ability to multi task are the best things in virtuoso. Setting up drums, a wired VR xylophone and other instruments are relay cool to try in this game. 

  • Vermillion 

After music in virtuoso, vermillion is one of the best oculus games for painting. Vermillion focuses on canvas instead of sculpting and drawing in 3D just like other VR art apps do. It will make you feel like you are using a pallet and an easel to paint and if you use the mixed reality tool then you will feel like you are doing it at your home. 

  • Puzzling places 

Just like its name suggests this game is for solving VR jigsaw puzzles in a3D environment which will make you fall in love with pacman 30th anniversary this game. You can collect pieces and then join the puzzle and this process is quite hypnotic so that you will ask for more. 

  • Resident evil

Playing resident evil in VR makes you feel like a new game. You will enjoy the ability to use your hands, use holster weapons, and walk into creepy settings ad creatures could be a lot more fun for the players. If we keep 2D cur aside we will see that this game feels like a native game. 

  • I expect you to die 2 

VR is a great format if you look for an escape room experiences. I expect you to die is a game which you can play when you are seated and leaning over desks and also flip switches using telekinetic powers so that you can control the items which are afar. The puzzles designs can however be difficult and challenging and if you want a little less level them you can go for the original on and then you can try this if you want to double the challenge. 

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