What are the Benefits of Cremation Services?

Cremation Services

Cremation services have many advantages over other forms of funeral services, such as burial. The advantages are numerous and can be used to improve upon already traditional versions of funeral services. These advantages relate to several aspects, including cost, location, and compliance with the environment.

What is Cremation Services?

Cremation services Seattle aim at treating a corpse so that it can be decomposed into water, gases, and salts. This may take hours or days, depending on the temperature used during the procedure. The idea behind cremation is that it results in less environmental pollution than if the corpse was buried. It allows families to be closer to the deceased by holding an emotionally charged service before the cremation procedure begins.

 Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of cremation services;

1. Saves time

Cremation services are a quicker way to handle the death of a loved one than burial by ground. A body that has been cremated can be stored in a closed container, making it easy to store the ashes until they are buried or scattered. Cremation is also quicker than embalming, and in most cases, this process takes less than an hour.

2. Avoidance of infectious diseases

Cremation services help to ensure public health because they kill infectious germs. These processes prevent the spread of diseases, including HIV and hepatitis B. They also destroy viruses like those that cause chickenpox, herpes, hepatitis A and polio.

3. Final disposition of remains

The main purpose of cremation services is to dispose of dead bodies by grinding them into small particles that will be scattered or buried. This method helps families avoid the stress and cost of burials in traditional cemeteries requiring upkeep after several years.

4. Saves land space for more burials

With cremation services, there is no need for large cemeteries where one can bury a dead body for several years before exhumation for another burial in another part of the cemetery. Space used for these cemeteries could be used for housing.

5. Avoid funeral costs

Cremation is much less expensive than a traditional burial service and casket. The cost of the actual cremation is generally only a few hundred dollars; however, there could be additional fees if you choose an urn or niche to store the ashes in. Compared to the average cost of a funeral service, which is between $6,000 and $10,000 or more, cremation is significantly less expensive.

6. Embrace change

You may be surprised that many religions support cremation as an acceptable way to honor the dead and have them cremated with your wishes. If you do not wish to have your body placed into the ground, this is another reason to consider choosing cremation services. If you prefer an environmentally friendly option for your final resting place, you can also choose green cremation options that can help the environment and save you money on funeral costs.

Finally, cremation services are a highly private, personal choice. It is obvious to anyone who has lost a loved one that this is a deeply emotional and troubling time. The last thing you need to worry about is the cost of these services. A funeral home can provide cremation services as an option without compromising on quality.

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