HubSpot Review – What Are the Important HubSpot CRM Features?

Hubspot Crm

Here are some of the main features that you should check out: Automated CRM database, Customizable workflows, Social media integrations, Reporting, and Reporting. These are just a few of the features of HubSpot.

You can learn more about them by reading this review. If you’re still unsure of which one to choose, keep reading. There are plenty of other CRM software out there, so be sure to find one that suits your needs.

Customizable Workflows:

With the HubSpot automation tool, you can build a process that will automate your business processes and make your team more efficient. Workflows automatically enroll records, take actions on associated records, and send emails. To build a workflow, navigate to Automation and click on Create workflow. Once you have created a workflow, you can modify it by choosing a specific date and setting a desired action.

In HubSpot, you can create several different types of workflows to meet your unique business requirements. Contact-Based workflows are triggered by contacts in your CRM, and you can also create custom workflows.

Fixed-date workflows work well for sending emails on holidays or promotional events. The calendar feature helps you schedule workflows by date. To set a custom workflow for a specific date, you need to select the desired contact-based action.

Automated CRM Database:

For small business owners, automating CRM can make life easier. The HubSpot CRM includes an interface that streamlines customer relationships and provides reporting tools.

The app also helps business owners track emails, phone calls, and more. Whether your business is large or small, HubSpot’s CRM database can help you keep track of your leads and customers. Once you have an automated CRM, you can make smarter business decisions.

The integrated HubSpot Service Hub enables you to create and manage custom forms, which automatically send canned responses and track activities. This tool lets you easily create and send customized sales content, track contacts, deals, and tasks, and even forecast customer buying habits. If you have a website that tracks sales data, you can easily upload and manage it through the HubSpot CRM Features. The CRM allows you to track customer activity, including website activity and list membership.

Social Media Integrations:

If you’re using HubSpot for your business, then you’re already aware of the social media integrations that it offers. This powerful platform allows you to connect several social media profiles, draft posts and schedule them for publishing. Then, you can track engagement and sales based on these channels. Social media integrations help you stay on top of your marketing campaigns, compare data analytics with market research and learn when to post.

HubSpot has a built-in social media management tool that can post multiple pictures at once. It also has a feature that allows you to schedule posts for a month. You can choose which day of the month you want to post a picture to ensure that your followers see the latest pictures. Social media integrations are essential for any successful business. But how do you integrate them with your CRM?


While reporting is a critical feature of HubSpot, it is difficult to analyze numbers in-depth in the HubSpot interface. Instead, many marketers use spreadsheets, which are easy to create, apply mathematical formulas, and integrate visual elements as desired.

By combining data from various marketing channels, marketers can track customers throughout their customer lifecycle and make informed decisions about their future marketing campaigns. Here are some tips to improve reporting on the HubSpot platform:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

HubSpot CRM analyzes various customer characteristics and assigns marketing tactics based on them. The HubSpot marketing platform offers sophisticated sales tools and management offerings, including demographic models and lead tracking systems. In addition, it also includes a resource marketplace. HubSpot CRM is a great choice if you have a large list of prospects and want to track their behavior.


The HubSpot CRM Features are easy to use and don’t require extensive technical knowledge. A user can easily navigate the lead dashboard, and it works well with the company’s extensive suite of marketing add-ons. The HubSpot CRM provides powerful marketing and sales features, and it’s free to try before you buy. For a free trial, you can learn how the HubSpot CRM can help your business grow.

Besides a powerful CRM, HubSpot offers email marketing software tools. Users can also use the tool to create landing pages, social media advertising, and track your success on social media. You can create SEO-friendly web pages and share them with your contacts. You can also customize the emails you send to your audience.

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